Communist/Anarchist-Linked ‘Millions March’ in NYC Brings Out Thousands


As long we have Sandanista Bill as mayor of NYC and as long as we have the president we have in the White House, we will not see calm any time soon. The police have had their hands tied. The same thing is going on in Berkeley and Oakland. It’s another Occupy movement and it’s being orchestrated by communists, socialists and anarchists.

Yesterday, two police lieutenants in Brooklyn were beaten up by the mobs. One has a broken nose. They were trying to stop them from throwing a garbage can off the bridge on cops standing below.

Pay attention to the tweets and photos about the NLG towards the end. The National Lawyer’s Guild (NLG) was behind this as they were behind the Occupy Wall Street, using the same tactics they use in third world countries to stir descent and spread propaganda. They are a Communist front organization whose members along with their acolytes stir riots and support terrorism.

The group declares itself to be “dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system . . . to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.”

Rev. Al Sharpton’s Millions March was not as successful as the communist/anarchist marches in New York City, Berkeley and Oakland. The Occupy-types have rejected Al as old and have clearly stated that they want the stage – it’s their protest.

The marchers claim that the protest at its height was 19 blocks long. An NYPD officer told WHIO they estimate 12k protesters at today’s #MillionsMarchNYC but protest organizers claim 50 thou.

The radical groups take the best-angled photos and the news media supports the radical groups making it difficult to know how many were actually there but the police numbers are usually more accurate than either of the aforementioned.

New York City march:

19 blocks long

Eric Garner eyes -very non-grassroots signs. There’s big money behind it:


Irrational ‘Black Lives Matter’ Theme:

Taking the Brooklyn Bridge – it’s their right, they say:

Halting traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge:

leaving Manhattan 2

shut down Bkly Birdge

Leaving Manhattan:

leaving Manhattan

Protesters back police against 1 Police Plaza according to the protesters:

There are reports of violence, burglaries, and vandalism.

Smashing a police car:

Smashing a police car


damaged police car

The protests in Berkeley and Oakland were more of the Occupy Wall Street communists and anarchists. They object to police even though the destruction on their part continues:

Anarchists think it's not right to have police Berkeley, Oakland


Brawl on the bridge:

Brawl in Berkeley

The Armageddon girl tweet below refers to NLG which is the National Lawyer’s Guild, a communist front organization. They were actively behind Occupy Wall Street and worked with the trainers who staged photos, jumped barricades, and attacked police. They use it all to demonize law enforcement.

NLG - communist lawyers

More NLG references:

more commie lawyer references


The NLG was active in Miami:

NLG in Miami

The NLG planned the climate march so extolled by John Kerry and Barack Obama:

Commies behind climate march

The anti-capitalists shut down stores on Black Friday throughout the nation.

Communists marching in early December:

Dorian Johnson’s testimony has been released and will be used to stir up more riots. He stuck with his original story, one that makes no logical sense: