Communists, Antifa Praised for Destroying Public Property, Acting Lawlessly in NC


The left is busy doing the equivalent of Hitler’s burning of the books. They are tearing down statues put up during the Reconciliation and for several decades after to bring peace and unity in the nation. The groups orchestrating the destruction include communist hate groups.

Slavery is one of the more horrific aspects of U.S. history, which is also a history of every country and a current practice in many countries. It is one we overcame in a war largely fought by white men.

Destroying history does not further unity and love, it furthers violence and discord. Many of the people behind it want exactly that. We are letting a minority of hard-left criminals determine our country’s future.


The Workers’ Party along with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa tore down a confederate statue on public property yesterday in Durham, North Carolina. The media praised this act of criminality. They supported this anarchy on our streets.

The Workers’ Party are communists as are the Antifa. We hear about the allegedly ‘right-wing’ radicals but no one will discuss the communists and socialists behind the movement to destroy U.S. history and drive a narrative of hate.

Confederate soldiers weren’t the slave owners, they fought for their country. Being wrong doesn’t make them evil. It should be a teaching moment about what the United States has overcome. Robert E. Lee never owned slaves and was opposed to slavery. He was one of the greatest generals in U.S. history, recognized as such by FDR. There is no need to tear down his statue.

We have always respected all our war dead for their courage and their sacrifice. The leftists are trying to change that.

What happens when they get rid of the statues in the parks or on public grounds? When will they march on D.C. to tear down Jefferson’s Memorial? These are the acts of communists in Third World countries.

Bands of criminals ripped down public property and destroyed it. The media celebrated it. This isn’t racial healing, it’s hate and a complete lack of understanding of history. This is about the eradication of history and all who had any connection to the south.

Furthermore, it is about controlling the narrative. That’s why the communist party and other Marxists are behind it.


There was no condemnation in the media. They called them protesters. They are not protesters, they are hard-left criminals.

The New York Times gave a blow-by-blow of the dramatic destruction, obviously proud of the criminals acting lawlessly. No arrests were made. Police had their usual orders to let it happen.

The NY Times admitted the communists, Antifa, and socialists were responsible: Shortly after 7 p.m., the protesters — part of a group of more than 100 that included anti-fascists [violent Antifa] and members of organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America, the Workers World Party and the Industrial Workers of the World, according to The News & Observer of Raleigh — toppled a statue of a Confederate soldier that had stood in front of the old Durham County Courthouse for nearly a century above the inscription, “In memory of the boys who wore the gray.”

We have the media and public officials lauding this lawlessness on U.S. streets.


The same thing has been going on throughout the nation and it’s the same people behind it — the Antifa, communists, and socialists. They were behind the tearing down of statues in New Orleans. The Antifa and communists want to tear down monuments in D.C. It’s coming.

In New Orleans, Malcolm Suber of the activist organization #TakeEmDownNOLA, a hard-left separatist group, is leading the charge.

This group wants all white history erased.

The Marxist-Leninist group is targeting George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and all “white” monuments in the city.

From the NY Times:

[Suber] noted that he had been part of a group that persuaded the Orleans Parish School Board to pass a policy in 1992 that prohibited schools from being named for slave owners. It eventually led to a school called George Washington Elementary being renamed for Dr. Charles Richard Drew, a prominent black surgeon.

On Thursday, Mr. Suber chuckled mischievously and said he would be delighted to see the statue of Washington over by the New Orleans Public Library come down, too.

“He was a slave master,” he said. “Right?”

According to The New York Times Suber is “an avowed Marxist-Leninist” – an admitted communist. Some people, especially those outside of the Lower South, may not fully appreciate the radical agenda which is behind Suber’s effort.

Historical figures are imperfect and they are complex. There are no perfect people. Many of these confederates went on to perform good works. On all sides, people have flaws. We need to understand them in the context of history, not by present day standards.

This is madness and it does not foster unity. This is what ISIS does. It is what the Soviets and Hitler did.

Hitler was the original Saul Alinsky but he called it what it was – propaganda. That is what this is as well. He burned books as well. The Soviets are the ones who obliterate statues.

The media acts as an arm of the hard-left when it supports violent anarchists and criminals.


When the Tea Party was active beginning in 2009, I personally witnessed the lies being told by the media. They portrayed the protesters as angry white racists and anti-Semites. None of that was true. There might have been an occasional outlier who deserved the criticism but the people were ordinary Americans concerned about the country.

There were no KKK, white supremacists, or neo-Nazis in the groups but the media accused them of being exactly that.

The lies about Occupy Wall Street were also shocking. In the beginning, the Occupiers were not violent for the most part but they were always far-left. It was basically a communist and socialist movement. Communists were running training sessions out in the open teaching protesters how to look like they were being abused by the police for their photo-ops.

One dishonest story concerned the Congressional Black Caucus. I was at the event and as the CBC members angrily walked through the crowd, believing everyone to be a racist, protesters were chanting, “Kill the Bill” [Obamacare]. One of the CBC members claimed a protester spat at him. It simply wasn’t true. One could say the protesters were rude to walk along with them chanting “Kill the Bill”, but no one spat at anyone. That was the event which led Andrew Breitbart to offer a $100,000 reward to anyone who could prove the CBC member’s claim.

By the time the Occupy movement ran out of steam, they were also violent. You’d barely know it from media coverage.

There were no minorities so the forces behind the Occupy movement paid black and Hispanic people they picked up from the Bowery to hold signs. One black man told me they were paying him $25 an hour and he didn’t have a clue what the protest was about, nor did he care.

Media and Democratic leaders presented Occupiers as worthy youth standing up against the evil forces of Capitalism, representing American values.

College courses were offered for credit in which professors taught the students how to be occupiers.

One thing the public isn’t being told is the hard-left are far more dangerous, there are many more of them, and the Democratic Party appears to have embraced them. No Conservative or Republican or Libertarian will ever embrace Nazis, which are left by nature of their socialism, or KKK, whose history lies in the Democratic Party.

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