Communists, Antifa Violently Attack a Prayer Rally in Seattle, CRICKETS FROM THE MEDIA


Everyone, including Republicans and neverTrumpers, are calling for more condemnation by the administration of the white supremacist hate groups but there is no such call for the Democrats to disavow the extreme left who are tearing down Civil War monuments and who are rioting in the streets.

A prayer rally labeled as a free speech event was held in Seattle on August 13th by a group that supports Donald Trump. They condemned the violence in Charlottesville and are not a hate group.

Nonetheless, the group was under assault by the fascist Antifa and communists who don’t believe in free speech. Little about the violence reached the media.

Communism is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people.

The Seattle International Socialist Organization held a solidarity march against hate, before the Patriot Prayer event and later joined the rioters. Antifa, communists and other radicals tried to shut down the prayer event, first by attacking police guarding it.

Antifa attack police at the Seattle prayer rally.

Watch the communists marching, waving their communist flags, in the next clip, all without one mainstream media outlet mentioning they are communists.

Watch Antifa, anti-American communists.

The same thing went on in Boston but CBS News didn’t think it was news. CBS Boston News knew about the communists, they took the photo.


The leader of the prayer group is Joey Gibson who warned his audience against any violence.

“I believe in (white supremacists’) right to march, but the problem is they are trying to latch onto our movement,” Gibson said. “And they did it under the guise of ‘unite the right’ … the problem is it’s more identity politics. It’s using your race as a means to further your agenda. All that does is divide people. I want nothing to do with that,” MyNorthwest reported.

Mr. Gibson, a pro-Trump man of the right, wants to be part of the solution, not the problem and invited all to speak, including a communist.

“There was a guy who came up, he’s a communist guy,” Gibson said. “He hates racism, he hates Nazis. That’s what he went up there to speak about. These guys who don’t know what’s going on, they don’t pay attention, they don’t have brains. They tried to yell him down, calling him a Nazi. The look on the guy’s face as he tried to speak was priceless because I think he kind of understood how we felt. He’s far from a Nazi, he hates Nazis, and these guys were calling him a Nazi.”

He got to know what it felt like to be silenced.

Gibson spoke about Charlottesville.


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