Communists Are Attempting to Seize Control of the Internet – Update



Update: 12/5/12: The House unanimously passed a Senate resolution (the Senate passed it in September) to ban Internet regulation and keep the Internet out of the hands of the ITU, communist-led arm of the UN.

The UN is trying to expand the telecommunications treaty of 1988 to cover the Internet and would include companies like Facebook and google.

The US statement declares that the consistent and unequivocal goal of the US is “to promote a global Internet free from government control and preserve and advance the successful mult-istakeholder model that governs the Internet today.” Read at The Hill

Update: 12/4/12: Reuters reports that the U.S. failed to win backing on limiting the discussions of rewriting the ITU laws to just Telecom companies. It appears the Internet will be a central focus of the discussions.

The last time the rules of the ITU were written in 1988, telecommunications and the Internet were not what they are now.

The 12-day conference now taking place in Dubai includes 150 countries, most of whom are authoritarian regimes. The rules they hope to propose will prevent much of the anonymity that people can now assume, leaving countries and individuals more exposed. Despotic leaders will have more control over the populaces.

Countries like the U.S. have used destructive software in military operations and would be greatly impeded by ITU control over the Internet.

The Internet is basically free but the ITU hopes to regulate and tax it.

There are also security threats that need to be addressed and this is no simple issue.

However, having the ITU in control of the Internet is essentially turning it over to despots.

Original Story: 12/3/12: The, reported that the EU MP’s do NOT want the UN to take control of the Internet. Given their liberal, pro-UN stance, that should alarm most Americans.

Currently OUR Internet is controlled by US-based groups such as Icann who manage IP addresses.

The ITU would be the controlling agency in a UN-run Internet and the ITU is run by an ardent communist. The communist-led ITU ostensibly wants a new treaty to ensure “the free flow of information around the world, promoting affordable and equitable access for all and laying the foundation for ongoing innovation and market growth.”

This is not credible of course, especially since Russia and China are pushing for this treaty and the Internet has been doing fine without their control mechanisms.

If the UN gets control, autocrats will regulate and tax all messaging that goes across the worldwide Internet.

The idea to regulate our Internet was Vladimir Putin’s, a communist tyrant.

Whether you like Dick Morris or not, his video gives a good summary of what is going on:

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