Communists Cause the Usual Mayhem at Seattle Gun Rights Rally


On Saturday, Conservative groups Washington 3 Percenters and Patriot Prayer held their “Liberty or Death” rally outside Seattle City Hall, to oppose a city gun-control initiative, while a group of left-wing organizations rallied nearby, Fox News reported.

The left-wingers are Communists — including members of Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Radical Women, and the Freedom Socialist Party — yelled and used cowbells and sirens in an attempt to drown out speeches from the other side.

Antifa was there to beat up the peaceful group.

This Patriot Prayer member was hit by something thrown by Antifa.

Fox referred to them as “counter-protesters” which is ridiculous but at least they reported it. These Communists are the groups that CNN’s Chris Cuomo said are “fighting for right”.

Look at these idiots. They show up at every peaceful rally to start trouble.


The Antifa claim the Patriot Prayer group are Nazis. They don’t appear to be with their peaceful rallies and U.S. and ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flags.

Antifa and these other Communist groups are violent.

The leader of the Patriot Prayer group, Joey Gibson talks to a VICE reporter in this clip.

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