Communists Goose Step Throughout Major US Cities on May Day


May Day throughout the United States is starting to look like a Mad Max rerun – a bad version.

At one time, May Day was a day to celebrate socialists and labor but it soon became a communist holiday and a day to spread communist propaganda. They utilize every grievance imaginable to stir the masses to their cause.

One hundred million dead people later, communism is witnessing a resurgence throughout the world.

In the United States, extremist liberals now seem to applaud them and rally to their cause. Communists are, after all, part of the voting block along with felons and other fringes of society.

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Riot police in Portand were called out as the ccommunists marching for May Day blocked traffic and became unruly. They threw chairs and garbage at cops who responded with flash bangs and pepper spray.

The police were called off, allowing the commies to continue slowing traffic and goose step through the streets.

Speaking of the dregs of humanity.

pagans dancing around a golden calf

Here are some Occupy Portlanders dancing around a golden calf. They don’t seem to like Fox News or Merrill Lynch, but they are communists after all.

It’s anarchy people!

Cops are being made to back off to let the communists do as they please.

Seattle marches turned into riots. Check it out courtesy the blaze.

In San Fran, a rock thrower called himself a “freedom fighter.” Photo via KGOTV.


In LA, the commies brought out the illegal aliens demanding their rights which are apparently more than those of citizens.




The bongo people (Occupy Wall Street) were present at all the May Day protests and riots.

In NY, they are calling this anarchy an uprising. I remember the good old days when people who advocated the overthrow of the government were arrested for treason.


Communism is popular. People love anarchy and they love the irresistible call to tyranny.

chicago LA



may day 1 may day


The commie SEIU union marched in almost every state on the commie holiday.


NY may day

Somewhere in communist nations, tyrants are smiling.


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