Communists In the NY Anti-Common Core Movement


Some Communists are infiltrating the anti-Common Core movement and many parents and teachers are okay working with them. I’m not one of them.

Communists calling themselves Progressives are on many of the anti-Core Facebook boards. Some are using the pages to promote Progressivism.


I did a little research and found that here in NY, some Anti-Core leftists, who are also avid union promotors, are attempting to replace the Board of Regents, the Commissioner, and the Chancellor with people they find more favorable.

One group in the New York anti-Core groups is led by a former Domestic terrorist and a friend or former friend to Bill Ayers – Mark Naison. Naison was a member of the violent Weather Underground in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  He joined the Weathermen for a reunion in 1988.

His friend Ted Gold blew himself up while making a bomb to use on innocent people.

Naison wrote an ode upon his friend’s death according to Wiki:

“I remember Ted Gold best…
“He is dead…
Of a bomb meant for better targets…”

Naison, now a Fordham professor, has a group and a website called Badass Teachers (BAT).

giving bat salute with commie fist

Naison allegedly giving the BAT salute. We can only hope they’re joking.

He uses the commie fist as the symbol for his group, a symbol often used by unions whose top leaders are communists:


Naison is starting to give orders and ban non-BAT members from his escapades which he hopes will include  ‘picketing the homes of education officials whose policies destroy the lives of teachers, students and families-if and only if they have no young children living at home. They need to know that there is no place they can hide if they inflict that much pain.’

Naison claims he has 35,000 members and wants at least 10,000 at his march in DC on July 28.

Naison, a union advocate, is a big supporter of Bill de Blasio who loves Common Core and seeks the end of Charter schools.  Why would Naison be against the Core and support De Blasio?

Naison is  looking to end certain aspects of Common Core but the end result might not be what people expect.

Naison is a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement which is very similar to the SDS and Weather Underground he was involved with decades ago.

Dianne Ravitch wants Mark Naison to serve as a write-in candidate for Governor of New York State.  Mark Naison said he agreed to it because it is the price Andrew Cuomo must pay ‘for showing contempt for the parents, teachers, and students of New York State and placing Data over the needs of Students.’ He also wants to let the people of NYS know what need to be done to lift the ‘huge burden of Testing out of the public schools.’

Mark Naison seems to be gaining in power and respectability. It unnerves me a bit.

Many Stop the Test and Keep the Core movements have sprung up recently. Take from that what you will.

The Voices Empower website has one interesting story of a former BAT member who was banned for asking where affirmative action has been successful and posting this video demonstrating the damage done by ACORN:

The banned mom shared this exchange from BAT:

Today I was called a right wing bigot by the Teachers who run the BAT (Badass Teachers Association). I was also banned from the BAT closed face book group. What is sad about this is I know there are some amazing teachers across this country who are daily having their voices silenced just like I was silenced today.

Here was an e-mail exchange I had with the Group administrator.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 2.10.26 PM

She was right on one point. I am not a teacher in a school. I am a parent who is responsible for the education of my 3 children. I am responsible for teaching them right from wrong. She is a teacher who is paid with tax payers dollars who is telling me that my views and philosophies do not align with the BAT Teachers association. HHMMMM Interesting!

Teachers of the Common Core are being taught to be change agents, not simply teachers.  Read more about that at Voices Empower and listen to this short clip describing the different elements involved:

Randi Weingarten, a Progressive and the President of the American Federation of Teachers,  in the Winter, 2013-14 issue of the American Educator wrote:

Students and educators benefit greatly from effective partnerships between teacher unions and school districts … unfortunately, without partners on both sides of the labor-management equation willing to put students in the forefront of their concerns, significant progress will be impeded, if not impossible.

Frankly collaboration is harder than confrontation. Many people are more comfortable with the us-versus- them posture … While some see collaboration as capitulation what it does is the seeding of trust and good will, not the ceding of authority and responsibility. It’s not easy, but it is effective.

For all her talk of collaboration, she was an uncompromising opponent of all efforts by Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg to reform the city’s schools. Her claims of wanting to support school reform always were and always will be ‘pure union propaganda.’ Her goals in opposing the Core are to eliminate teacher evaluations tied to testing and to end Charter schools. She vehemently opposes school choice.

The AFT supported the Common Core.  While Weingarten dislikes certain aspects of Common Core, she does support the Standards which are being and will continue to be used to spread propaganda.

The unions and communists are moving in on Common Core in NY from both pro-Core and anti-Core movements. The left sees the Standards as a way to make teachers into change agents. The right and moderates want the teachers to teach, not brainwash. This might not end well.


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