Communists Rally to Protest Charlottesville, Media Fails to Notice


This weekend’s horrific domestic terrorist event in Charlottesville underscores the need for people on the right and left to declare there is no place in the conservative movement for white supremacists or Nazis nor is there room in liberal movements for communists, socialists and violent anarchists. Violence should always be disavowed.

Nazism, Fascism, and Communism [and Socialism] are ideologies the United States has always fought against and should continue to fight.

The media only reports what they can attribute to the right or to President Trump. They ignore the communists in front of their camera lenses.

A good example came during a demonstration in Boston Sunday evening to protest the fascists in Charlottesville. The story condemning the ‘Unite the Right’ rally never mentioned the communists at the protest.

CBS Boston News knew about the communists, they took the photo.

In Seattle, the media failed to notice another communist rally to protest ‘Unite the Right’. The media will not call them out.

Communism is believed to have been responsible for more than 100 million lives lost to say nothing of the devastation of whole countries and cultures.

One liberal went where almost none have gone before. The Atlantic writer Peter Beinart explored “The Rise of the Violent Left” and its role in fueling Neo-Nazis and other radicals. It’s a worthy read.

If Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not called out as the hateful, hard-left groups they are, they will continue to erode the Democratic Party and pull them further left.

The enemy is eating away at our values.

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