Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, Unionistas Protest Over Ferguson


Protests continue by gang people, occupiers, pro-Palestine radicals, and assorted leftists on behalf of deceased black teen Michael Brown who was shot by a white police officer,possibly in self-defense. A group called is planning a three-day weekend of protests and riots in Ferguson this weekend. They are calling it a weekend of resistance.

Pro-Palestinian and other Muslim activist groups are a growing presence in the Ferguson protests. A number of these groups, named “The Palestine Contingent,” are planning to join the “Weekend of Resistance” to highlight the supposed connection between the Missouri community and Gaza.

The same thing happened in Occupy Wall Street – from the beginning. The movement had more than its fair share of anti-Semites, many of whom were Jewish themselves. Many Occupiers will be involved with these rallies though if they’re smart, the white OWS will stay out of Ferguson.

There is a sympathy “rally” in Oakland, as in many cities, beginning October 10th. It’s titled, “From Ferguson to Gaza Back to Oakland, All Power (48th BPP Anniversary)”. It’s to celebrate “the 48th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party, Political Prisoner/P.O.W. Jalil Muntaqim’s Birthday, & Solidarity for the Trayvon 2.”

Check out the communists, socialists, anarchists, racists, union radicals who are behind it:


The rallyers/protesters are celebrating criminals and murderers so it makes sense they’d include Ferguson. It’s being run by a radical named Shango Abiola who leads the Black Riders Liberation Party.

He has a Facebook page. This is an excerpt from one of his rants:

THE RACIST U.S. GOVERNMENT WAR AGAINST THE BLACK RIDERS: New Generation Black Panther Party for Self-Defense!
August 11, 2014 at 3:11pm
For Black youth throughout the US, especially in Watts and South Central LA, Wol…verine Shakur, AKA General T.A.C.O. of the militant Black Riders Liberation Party is a leader, a strong father and husband, a bold warrior, a ghetto hero and a down brother. Black people identify with the battle he has fought against the evil forces of white racism and reaction. They identify with this principled revolutionary struggle against the capitalist system that inevitably spells misery, suffering, and genocide for the mass of Black people held captive in Amerikkka. The Black Riders played a pivotal early part in unleashing the new wave of Black militancy that’s been taking place. In 1996, General T.A.C.O. (Taking All Capitalists Out, AKA Wolverine Shakur) came together with other former Bloods and Crips in unity and created the groundwork for the resurrection of the Black Panthers, under the official name Black Riders Liberation Party. We are the new generation, and we consider ourselves to be faster, stronger, smarter and upgraded. They formulated a basic Black Commune program while in YTS prison (calling for many points as in the original 10-point program of the BPP for Self Defense, like full employment, housing, education and an end to police terrorism, and some new points, such as demanding proper medical care for AIDS victims and an immediate end to white capitalist smuggling crack cocaine into the Black community). They were eventually released to the streets and took action. Their first step was an attempt to deal with one of the most immediate and injurious symptoms of oppression – police brutality!

Armed with law booklets, video cameras, camouflage fatigues and Black karate skills, bats, knives and any other legal weapons, they created the Watch-a-Pig program and began to patrol Watts and South Central L.A.’s poor Black community — monitoring the police, observing arrests and educating brothers and sisters of their armed self-defense rights. Their determined resistance to police terrorism produced a decrease in police harassment in areas they patrolled. Panther Power to the Black Riders!

Black riders
Black Riders marching through Oakland.

Police are trying to keep order in Ferguson and one tactic they are using to keep the protesters moving is to apply a five-second rule to loitering. Loitering by criminals and malcontents is a recipe for trouble

It’s a common tactic. When the Occupy Wall Street people were camped out in New York City, law enforcement used the same approach.

The ACLU of Missouri wanted none of it. The ACLU is a leftist organization.

They secured an injunction from a judge to end the “five-second rule”.

“The rule of law is essential to our constitutional system of government, and it applies equally to law enforcement officers and to other citizens,” wrote Judge Perry in her ruling.

As if the leftists in the ACLU care about our constitution. They care about it when it affects them. They like freedom of speech for themselves but hate religion and Christians as one example.

The ACLU and the Ferguson protesters are all the same people – leftist trouble makers – and they are all promoted by Barack Obama and Eric Holder as we know.

Ferguson protest leaders have promised “We’ll take our anger out on people who failed us.”

Organizers of demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, promised to intensify their protests over the killing of Michael Brown if the officer who shot him does not face criminal charges.

They warned police that they are prepared to die on the streets for their cause.

“If they can’t serve justice in this, the people have every right to go out and express their rage in a manner that is equal to what we have suffered,” said Ashley Yates, a co-founder of Millennial Activists United, who was arrested last week while protesting in Ferguson.

This has nothing to do with Michael Brown for these leftists or their White House promoter Barack Obama. It’s about the movement.


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