Communists, Socialists Plot to Get 9 Million Leftist Immigrants Voting by October


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Reports are pouring in from across the country that thousands of legal permanent residents from around the world have been inspired by Trump’s rhetoric to become citizens just so they can vote against him. They are also inspired by some sketchy leftist organizations fueled by communist and socialist agendas.

The leftists are working on a turnout of nearly nine million immigrant residents who are allegedly eligible for citizenship.

We are constantly being told there are 12 million illegal immigrants here but the left has come up with 9 million residents in addition, many of whom were given Obama amnesty.

The immigrants, legal and illegal, think that closing the borders, cutting off welfare to foreigners, deporting people here illegally is punishing the innocent because of the ‘few’ terrorists and drug cartels who come through.  After all, they will say, they are coming here out of necessity.

George Soros unveiled an unprecedented $15 million campaign to push the effort to get as many people as possible registered by the October deadline. They expect them to tip the scales in Nevada, Colorado and Florida which would be game over for Republicans.

The groups funded by Soros and other wealthy leftists are telling the people that Trump is a racist, they are entitled to come here illegally, and welfare is their due. This is their civil right they are told.

According to the U.S. government, more than 800,000 people in Florida are immigrants eligible to become citizens, more than enough to decide an election in a swing state known for down-to-the-wire races.

The Soros ThinkProgress group is one of the many groups behind it. There are many other groups involved and they are all leftist, socialist, communist and open borders organizations. The wealthy far-left are deciding our future as a nation by exploiting foreigners.

Breitbart listed a number of them and it’s overwhelming:

There’s MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens. There’s MTV star and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas’s group Define American. There’s the American Immigration Council, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

There are groups that promote the ‘dreamers’—children brought here illegally by their parents—such as United We Dream Network and the Arizona Dream Act Coalition. There are groups that support illegal workers, such as National Day Laborer Organizing Network and the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

There are regional groups with national impact, like Arizona’s La Puente Human Rights Movement, the Florida Immigration Coalition, the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice and the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance.

There’s NALEO, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, the Migration Policy Institute, and American Civil Liberties Union Foundation. The ACLU in Los Angeles has made immigration issues their primary focus. There’s also the crucially important National Immigration Law Center.

There’s Caring Across Generations, and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and the National Partnership for New Americans. There’s PICO National Network and the Mi Famila Vota Education Fund. There’s Catholic Legal Immigration Network, and Kids in Need of Defense, and there’s Culture Strike and Race Forward and and CASA de Maryland and Woman’s Refugee Commission.

They get word out via churches and local officials.

These groups also pursue African-Americans who aren’t registered because they will also vote for the socialist, Hillary or Bernie.

Every single group mentioned above has been given money by wealthy leftists William Reeves and Debbie Berger’s Unbound Philanthropy. They are the George Soros’s of Florida. That’s not even all of groups pushing for immigration reform…and that’s just in the United States.

Many of these groups and the people behind them have an explicitly far-left, often revolutionary socialist or communist agenda that goes beyond immigration reform, Breitbart wrote. These groups are funded by organizations with direct ties to establishment Democrats, like Unbound Philanthropy and, of course, George Soros and his Tides Foundation and their other offshoots. They work together and the staff and executives often bounce between organizations.

A 2014 study of voter fraud by Harvard’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study confirmed the findings of Judicial Watch on the role illegal immigrants have played in recent elections. The study found that enough non-citizens voted in 2008 to potentially “turn the tide” in favor of the Democrats.

Non-citizens are voting in American elections. The administration sued states that asked people to present ID before voting. They will also not let states even ask people to establish they are citizens when they register to vote.

Noncitizens are offered the voter registration forms all over the country and are filling them out, and they are being added to the rolls regardless of which box they check.

In an amicus brief, the American Civil Rights Union has submitted evidence and arguments to the Supreme Court showing that this is exactly what has been happening: the federal form is failing to keep non-citizens off the rolls. In fact, left to itself, the federal voter registration form is causing the problem.

Once we lose the vote, we lose the country.

The election might already be decided in favor of the Democrats who are socialists. Hillary is funded by George Soros. The United States cannot be sustained under these conditions.