Communists Start Radical Brownies – a “Brown Beret, Black Panther thing”


The Colorful Mamas of the 99%, an outgrowth of the Occupy Oakland movement, have just started a revolutionary group for pre-school and elementary school children called Radical Brownies.

The Girls Scouts of America have disavowed them.

Radical Brownies, as they are called, complete with uniform brown vests and berets, is sort of a “brown beret, Black Panther” thing, said a mom and co-founder, Anayvette Martinez. “It’s all rooted in social justice for girls of color,” reports SFGate.

radical brownies

I like to learn a lot about what’s happening around me,” one small radical said. “It gives me ideas about how to help.”

Freaky Marxist-Leninist style headgear and poses below.

militant children

Photo via weasel zippers

One fifth-grader had already learned about the faux “white police killing young black men” and she wanted to do something about it.

“It makes me want to talk to (the police),”the child said for SFGate, “for them to get the message it’s not OK.”

The children have their own chant: “We are–The RADICAL BROWNIES, We Stand For–JUSTICE, We are here to–MAKE THINGS RIGHT”

The Colorful Mamas want to be part of the BlackLivesMatter movement with their children but at an age-appropriate level.

These left-wing parents are raising a new generation of Occupiers.


Here they are teaching their future commie children to strike Wal-Mart. Poor Wal-Mart.

striking wal-mart

Instead of learning about the great country we live in and all it has to offer, they are learning to hate all the alleged injustices. I definitely don’t live in the same United States as they do.

They go caroling at Christmas but they certainly don’t sing about the Lord. They sing about social justice, police repression, their refusal to accept oppression and black lives matter.


They’re on Facebook if you want to join in with their communist movement.

Radical Brownies are on Facebook too. They receive ongoing instruction on how to be a good revolutionary.

I wonder if they get government funding.

They love invoking the image of MLK Jr.  who was a Republican. Yes, he’s rolling over in his grave as I write this.