Companies React to Red China’s Demands


Companies generally react to the Chinese government by caving to their values and demands. Three companies recently embroiled in such a situation were the NBA, Apple, and Activision.

The NBA general manager at first appeared to be giving in to the authoritarian state but, after backlash, said he would not curtail the free speech of anyone in the NBA.

Two other companies, Apple and Activision gave in. When U.S. companies do business with China, they must follow the totalitarian state’s values and wishes or lose a lot of money. In the United States now, money is more important than country and the Bill of Rights for many U.S. companies.


Two fans were kicked out of Tuesday’s 76ers vs.Guangzhou Loong Lions game in Philadelphia for holding up these signs.

The anti-America NBA kicked the husband and wife out of the 76ers arena for holding a sign that read “Free Hong Kong.”

This is a hit on our American free speech rights.

The NBA wants to expand into China for bigger bucks, but in order to do that, they must side with the values of the Chinese communists and be sure not to offend them.

Jason Whitlock gave a more detailed explanation of an event that took place days before. Last week, Houston Rocket’s General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted out support for Hong Kong which ignited a furor from Chinese businesses and the Chinese government.


Apple was criticized for a mapping app in its app store that allowed Hong Kong protesters to track the movement of police.

The developers of the app, called, had “ill intentions,” the state newspaper People’s Daily said in an editorial and accused Apple of helping the “rioters.”

“Business is business, and politics is politics. Nobody wants to drag Apple into the lingering unrest in Hong Kong,” the People’s Daily said. “But people have reason to assume that Apple is mixing business with politics, and even illegal acts. Apple has to think about the consequences of its unwise and reckless decision.”

Following the article, Apple on Wednesday said it would remove the app from its store.

Is the legit?


US-based gaming company Activision Blizzard very quickly took action against a gamer who supported the Hong Kong protesters.

In a post-match interview on the Taiwanese stream of Blizzard Entertainment game “Hearthstone”, Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai wore a gas mask and goggles, and appeared to shout a slogan often associated with Hong Kong protesters: “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time.”

Activision Blizzard suspended the player and stripped him of his earnings. The gaming firm argued that Chung broke its competition rules.


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2 years ago

Communist China is our biggest threat..many aren’t aware of that..

2 years ago

The NBA has primarily blacks who complain about slavery and abusive police and government. Yet they cowtow to the ChiComs, who are number one in the world in all 3 areas.

2 years ago

Apple is a ChiCom business masquerading as an American company. Money is number one at Apple, not values or country !!!

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
2 years ago

Most NBA fans are too unprincipled to react.

2 years ago

screw china and the garbage they make,,put America back to work again!!!!!!!!!