Company Accused of “Very Shady” Op Arranges to Free Every Arrested Counter Protester


Mike Donovan Twitter profile photo

WSLS reports that a company known as civil rights advocates will pay the bail for every counter protester in Charlottesville which, as we know, includes Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Their director of Public Relations Jen Little describes Nexus Services as a company that becomes “a voice for those victimized by the legal system.”

This includes assisting illegal immigrants and prisoners.

Ms. Little announced the bail offer with a phone number they can call. She wrote in the statement announcing the offer:

“We respect the constitutional rights of the citizens’ of Charlottesville, particularly the young people rallying against hate who attend the University of Virginia.  We also know that many young people lack the money to secure and post bond. Nexus Services Inc. will help those counter protesting the neo-Confederate rally, particularly students, and get help them out of jail and home as soon as possible.”

Nexus Services, Inc. will not secure bond for anyone wearing masks in public demonstrations that are found to be in violation the “Ku Klux Klan Act” of 1871.

The Nexus founder and CEO, Mike Donovan, is a gay Universalist reverend who has at least 30 offices. He is said to have became a voice for the marginalized after having served time for 6 felonies, the result, he says, of kiting two checks to cover a group of friends’ hotel bills for a night, when he was in college, according to Fee has a supportive article of him which calls attention to the fact that the Progressives have waged war against him.

The Progressives have waged war and it’s odd since Mr. Donovan appears to be very Progressive, but it’s not without some basis.

According to a report published by Mother Jones and put together by the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkeley, his fees are “excessive” and he has been the subject of federal and local investigations for misleading sales pitches and confusing contracts.

Mother Jones wrote: The Department of Homeland Security opened an investigation in 2013 after some Virginia lawyers accused Libre by Nexus of targeting undocumented immigrants in ICE custody and promising them it could guarantee their release. A subsequent report by DHS investigators found no criminal wrongdoing, arguing that concerns about high fees were offset by the fact that the contracts had been “signed between competent adults.” A police investigation into the allegations described the matter as “very shady,” but prosecutors declined to bring charges.

They’ve also been known to sue.

Donovan and his partner and vice president, Richard Moore, sued Augusta County Sheriff Donald Smith, four county employees and others in a $1.2 million federal lawsuit that alleged racial and ethnic harassment, deprivation of constitutional rights and “insulting words.”

The lawsuit accuses David Bourne, a Verona bail bondsman, of conspiring with Donald Moran, an Augusta County deputy and Bourne’s former employee, along with others “to halt the nation’s most successful charitable bonding program,” according to court records.

They dropped the lawsuit in May, saying they want to invest their resources elsewhere since the problem has abated.

There have been other complaints and suits.

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