Compassionate Christian Miner vs. Cold, Con Artist Hillary



Sometimes it’s a lot asking someone to spend time watching video clips on a blog site. But these 7 minutes are terrifically insightful, because they demonstrate, in so many ways, the difference between a genuine Christian down on his luck, but practicing his faith, and a phony politician, struggling to hide a lie, practicing her con.

Here we have an unemployed miner, Bo Copley, who given his chosen field has got to be one tough hombre, with his voice breaking, showing Hillary Clinton pictures of his family and asking about her comment to “put coal miners…..out of business”. She in return, fronts her best “concerned face”, and claims alternately that her absolutely cyrstal clear promise was either “out of context” or a “misstatement”. He remains earnest, patient and respectful throughout Hill’s BS attempt to “walk back” her undeniable pledge.

What follows is even more insightful. On Neil Cavuto’s show, despite being given numerous opportunities by the host, Bo citing his faith in God, continued to graciously offer Clinton, who well over half the nation sees as a liar, the benefit of the doubt. Despite Neil’s gentle prodding he refused to criticize her or politicize the interview.

It would have been nice, while completely out of character, if Hillary had followed Copley’s Christian lead. She did not. Her first two descriptors of the out of work family man were, “He’s a Republican” and “he is not (emphasis hers) voting for me.”

That was immediately followed by crappy candidate Clinton slipping effortlessly into condescension mode, claiming “We need to do better for Bo and his family…..”.   The former Secretary of State never said precisely how she’d achieve that goal. But what if Clinton had? Once the Hillster slithered out of West Virginia and stood in front of big donor, no growth greenies, “What difference at (that) point would (a Hillary promise to those coal people) make?” None.

The contradiction between our compassionate Christian coal miner and the cold, conniving, con-artist candidate is laid bare in the clip. Bo Copley represents, even in hard times, the best America has to offer. Hillary Clinton offers the opposite.

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  1. Jim, This is a very powerful piece. A staunch religious man asking for common sense relief for his area industry, himself and his brethren juxtaposed against a proven lying woman who will say whatever, to whoever and whenever for self promotion. There is no out of context.
    Bo had it right. The administration has kept the industry’s hands tied for the pursuit of ‘clean coal’.

    • You, your husband & family are All-American working class heroes….nixing handouts while keeping your faith in God and country. I’m humbled by your kind words and grateful to you for taking the time to post them.
      I hope Neil Cavuto’s 7 minute segment with Bo goes viral so people can judge for themselves the difference between a compassionate, hard working, Christian coal miner and a cold-hearted, duplicitous, power hungry politician.
      God bless!

  2. Bo did represent his fellow miners well. He made us proud. Ms Clinton says she wants to bring a cleaner green alternative to coal….which is natural gas and oil (which are also fossil fuels). Secretary Clinton has traveled all over the world promoting fracking for natural gas and oil (from what we hear she has huge amounts of stock) that is way more destructive to the environment than coal powered plants. Look it up… is described as making the mountains cry blood due to the red gooey water that runs from holes where fracking is taking place. Fracking destroys ground water, underground water, soil, kills all wildlife, pollutes the air and much more. Ms Clinton needs to answer WHY her fracking natural gas and oil is the green alternative!

  3. My prayers for WV coal miners and their families. They are hard workers and a proud people full of faith. I appreciate what they do. The sad thing is they talk about retaining, but even if it were so there are so little opportunity there for much other than coal. Coal is what god has given them to do. God bless you all! Continued prayers!!

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