Comrade Gillum Wants to Abolish ICE And Other Bad Things


The failed Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum wants to bring his failed policies to the entire state of Florida. He would like to turn Florida into a Third World “s***hole”.

The Democrat Communist mayor of the city under FBI investigation wants to abolish ICE and bring in Communist healthcare.

Comrade Gillum confirmed to CNN’s John Berman that he wants to socialize health care in Florida and disband Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“We want to replace ICE with the [corrupt] Department of Justice,” Gillum said.

Now if he said he wanted to abolish the DoJ, we’d be more receptive. Anyway,  ICE is federal. Someone should tell him to run for the Senate if that’s his goal.

“I am a champion for treating health care as a right and not a privilege. That’s absolutely right,” he added.

Sure, great idea, so affordable. Tell us how you will pay for it Gillum because half the country at least doesn’t want to.


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5 years ago

Robert you are correct. The GOP needs to get out there and educate the low-information voter in Florida and the entire country, that these pie-the-sky, Marxist policies will destroy us. Calling the GOP, where are you? The only one’s sounding the alarm are sites such as these and FOX news hosts, such as Lou Dobbs, Tucker, and Hannity, etc. The low-information voter isn’t paying attention or we wouldn’t be having these close -call election wins. It’s important to get out the vote this year! If we lose congress, it would be devastating.

5 years ago

The left will gain traction in Florida if republicans do not vote in force.

Gillum is just as Marxist as Sanders and Cortez, but he is smooth enough with it to where he almost sounds mainstream and moderate. He will sucker a lot of votes from those who are undecided and uninformed, so I hope the gop will educate the masses in Florida that the Marxist policies that Gillum wants are the failed policies of the 20th century

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

The black version of ignorant fellow Commie Cortez, both want to bankrupt the country.