Comrade AOC says we’re ‘not living in an advanced society, it is fascism’


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was stumping for comrade Bernie Sanders yesterday. During a speech in Iowa to an unknown number of attendees, she called for the institution of several communist policies, such as Medicare-for-All.

The hard-left New Yorker encouraged the crowd to ignore the costs of all her promised freebies. AOC, as she likes to be called, is a full-fledged communist. Since she frequently suggests imprisoning people who disagree with her — but not criminals — one might suspect she is a Stalinist.

The former waitress and bartender actually said we are not living in ‘an advanced society.” This woman thinks socialism is advanced.

“It is fascism what we have and what we are evolving into as well,” she said in conjunction with some screaming person in the crowd.

The audience hung on her every word and cheered no matter what she said.

These people think we live in Russia.


The alarming thing is there are enough dumb, angry people who will follow her into the rabbit hole. She is literally trying to overturn our government. We used to have a name for these people — traitors!

She also screamed out yesterday, “Are you ready for the revolution?”

This woman has so much to be grateful for and all she does is tear the country down. It’s obvious she doesn’t like white people of European descent who vote Republican although she’s barely not-white herself.

She has the ridiculous, vapid soundbites down pat. I now know how Nazi Germany happened. She spews utter nonsense to adoring crowds.

Everything is climate change and the only way to stop it is to turn over our economy to this nut.

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