Comrade Bernie Rallies Disney Workers to Revolt Against Disney


Bernie was in Anaheim rallying the Disney workers, calling for revolution to obtain higher wages. That will cost jobs obviously. But Bernie is an economic incompetent.

He basically wants to ruin Disneyland now. This hard-left, angry man has spent his entire life complaining about everything that made this country great. When he was mayor of Burlington, he made it a sister city with a Soviet city. While he calls himself a Socialist, his agenda is Communist, period. There is no daylight between the extremism of Communists and Socialists. Some of these Democratic Socialists have more radical agendas than the Communist Party USA.

City officials weren’t pleased.

“While touting himself as a friend of the working man, Bernie has come all this way to support a measure that will result in thousands of lost jobs for the people of Anaheim,” Todd Ament, the CEO of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, reportedly said in a written statement.

A coalition of leftist unions set this speech up. During this rant, Bernie doesn’t bother to mention how 47% of the workers in this country don’t pay federal taxes.

He is very anti-Capitalism. He is out attacking Disney and attempting to anger the employees, make them feel oppressed.

This is the vision of the hard-left. It’s angry vile rhetoric. He lies constantly about the economic state of the country.

President Trump has improved the economy while it was depressed under Obama, but Bernie hasn’t noticed.

“The struggle that you are waging here in Anaheim is not just for you. It is a struggle for millions of workers all across this country who are sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages,” Comrade Bernie said.

He wants higher wages for people dressed up as Daffy Duck. The truth is that raising wages willy nilly ends up leading to more automation.

Bernie doesn’t seem to like immigrants and made a point of not wanting them to take the jobs at Disney.

Comrade Bernie says no one who works forty hours should live in poverty. First of all, it’s not likely Disney is responsible for poverty, but workers shouldn’t get paid exorbitantly if they are working as Daffy Duck. He wants living wages for all. Where is the money going to come from? Even if they take all the money from the executives, it won’t give these workers a living wage.

This guy sounds like Hitler as he is speaking. He can’t even leave Disney alone. At the end, the chanting is scary — you would expect them to start screaming, “Heil Hitler” at any moment.

Comrade Bernie is looking to run for President again in 2020.

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