Comrade Clinton rallies to turn Texas blue “once and for all”


The problem leading to the deterioration of our cities and the entire state of California is the totalitarianism of one-party rule. The party governing these regions is still called the Democrat Party but it has been hijacked by the hard left.

Once we have a permanent electoral majority, it will be a progressive one, that is, hard left.

It is what Hillary Clinton wants and she’s working on Texas to make it happen.

“It’s not enough to cross our fingers and say a prayer and hope for a perfect candidate. We have to commit to the hard, essential work of organizing,” Hillary Clinton said.

She added that once we turn Texas blue, “WOW, we will sweep the nation in 2020.”

Honestly, Democrats don’t care which candidate wins the primary as long as a Democrat wins the election. It’s only about winning.

Hillary believes that with record turnout, she can get her permanent electoral majority by turning Texas blue. “We can elect leaders who share our values and turn this state blue once and for all,” she said about Texas.

Hillary made her remarks at a Harris County Democratic luncheon in Houston.

Once Texas goes, thanks to the foreigners and the liberals from California who moved into the state, it’s over for this country. Democrats will have it all — high taxes, wild spending, elimination of the electoral college — making the rural areas into serfs, open borders, no Second Amendment, no First Amendment, no ICE, a stacked Supreme Court, universal income, reparations, extreme abortion, climate change socialism, and all of it will breed more corruption.

Texas is in danger. It’s changing demographically.

Short clip:
Full Speech As She Lies Her Fool Head Off:

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