Comrade de Blasio and the Left-Wing Media Plot Against the NYPD


The New York Post is reporting that while Comrade de Blasio was meeting with police union officials to allegedly mend fences, his government affairs people were calling Democratic city and state politicians asking them to publicly criticize the union president and the officers who insulted de Blasio.

One legislator told DNAinfo that “City Hall wanted me to blast the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association for turning their backs on him. They called up Monday, said they were calling all of us, and that it was our obligation to stand up defending the mayor.”

There was an expectation from City Hall that “because they were calling that we should do whatever they ask,” the lawmaker said.

Another said he did not feel pressured to speak out, but thought it was “really inappropriate” to get a call asking him to speak out against the NYPD.

After the meeting with the police union, it was obvious nothing was resolved. De Blasio certainly didn’t apologize as former mayor Rudy Guiliani suggested.

The NY Times and Huffington Post are on board with Comrade de Blasio. They’ve begun the campaign against the NYPD in an effort to silence them. They don’t have as much enthusiasm about stopping the radical protesters.

They haven’t complained about the communists making up the professional signs for the rioters but they don’t have a problem insulting the NYPD.

They have no idea who the enemy should be.

Unsurprisingly, the NY Times editorial board wrote: “With these acts of passive-aggressive contempt and self-pity, many New York police officers, led by their union, are squandering the department’s credibility, defacing its reputation, shredding its hard-earned respect.”

Self-pity? Maybe the NY Times editorial board should have to put on a gun and defend the streets of NY.

The leftist Huffington Post referred to the NYPD’s “hissy fit.”

They’re having a “hissy fit”? Two officers were murdered in cold blood after the administration encouraged anti-police rioters/protesters.

The left wing media wants to influence the public and make them think the NYPD did squander their credibility when in fact it’s de Blasio and the media who have squandered their credibility.

Without an apology and while expecting the police to risk their lives day-after-day, de Blasio is planning to deal with police by doing what he has always done – attack them.

He ran his campaign largely on anti-Bloomberg, anti-police rhetoric. He was highly critical of stop and frisk, accusing police of racial profiling, and he has a close friendship and business alliance with Al Sharpton who is known for his hatred of law enforcement.

De Blasio’s aides openly criticized and tweeted anti-police statements during the campaign.

His campaign was divisive.

He ran on lies:

His reputation before winning election was considered lackluster and underperforming.

Bill de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm Jr, a name he later changed because of his disappointment in his father who was reported to be an angry drunk. His wife ended up divorcing him.

His father was an analyst for a government agency. He was investigated by The Loyalty Board during the McCarthy era. Though the case was dismissed, he was denied access to classified documents. He and his wife were found to have a “sympathetic interest in Communism,” according to a NY Times article from October 2013.

In 1953, an informer who knew Mr. Wilhelm at Yale told the F.B.I. that he was a security risk because of his “ultraliberal thinking.”

Mr. Wilhelm developed cancer and killed himself. He had attempted suicide on two other occasions.

Comrade de Blasio (pictured below) actively supported the terrorist-communists, the Sandanistas and has never renounced them.

che de blasio

This is who Warren Wilhelm Jr. aka Bill de Blasio is:

There is a price to be paid for de Blasio’s handling of police.

The New York City police aren’t responding to petty crimes and they’re not writing parking tickets nor are they dealing with disorderly conduct. Shooting deaths of police officers are on the rise and it’s just not worth the risk without the support of the administration.

They are responding to serious crimes.

This is what happened under David Dinkins. The city became a cesspool of derelicts and muggers. We can expect that once again.

The violent radicals roaming the streets of New York are in charge thanks to the sympathetic administration.

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