Comrade Hillary Mocks Trump at Yale with a Russian Hat


Parading her bitterness for the world to see, Hillary showed her new hat to the graduating class at Yale as part of her commencement speech. 

It was a Russian hat! It was her dopey effort to troll Trump. The students liked it but between her grating voice and her snide presentation, it’s a sure bet half of America didn’t like it.


We have yet to see the evidence that Russia favored Trump. And the hacking of her emails still looks to be more of an inside job — a leak.

Most stunning is the fact that a woman who gave a U.S. Uranium mine to Russians and profited from it, has the unmitigated gall to pretend Trump is the Putin-friendly official.

It wasn’t only the Uranium mine sale, it was the entire Russian reset which was an excuse for Hillary and Obama to concede on important issues like the East European Missile Defense System and the great Crimea giveaway.

It didn’t stop there. Ask yourself, who is close to Communists? Who embraces communism? It isn’t Trump trying to eat away at our Bill of Rights. It isn’t Trump offering free healthcare, free college, free everything, more regulations and statist control at the expense of the productive taxpayer.

It is the Democratic Party calling for job and income guarantees just like the Socialists of old used to tout.

Hillary is the one calling for an End to the electoral college to give her party total control over Americans with a foolproof electoral majority.

It is Hillary who supports open borders.

She fully supports the hard-left agenda and is funding extremist candidates through her PAC.

Her Russian hat joke was ironic given the Democratic Party is now out in the open as a Socialist/Communist Party. They have embraced people like Bernie Sanders, a committed Communist.

If anyone should don a Russian hat, it’s her.

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