Comrade Obama’s Back Taking Credit for Trump’s Economy


Former President Barack Obama is the first United States president to trash his successor every chance he gets. He is the first president to establish an underground network to destroy Donald Trump, the President who is attempting to restore the government to the states and to the people.

Obama’s latest nonsense is to snidely claim ownership of the Trump economy.

The disgraceful Marxist actually took credit for the Trump economy Friday, even after eight years of his own stagnant economy.

Anyone with half a brain knows Obama is just blowing smoke. His administration was an utter failure.


During his presidency, Obama promoted his failed green energy jobs, failed manufacturing hubs, and blamed automation as he said some jobs aren’t coming back. He mocked Trump and his “magic wand.”

Comrade Obama saw every solution in big government and was essentially clueless, feckless, and ineffective.



  1. .@BarackObama: “When you hear about how great the economy is doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started.”……………I do remember Obunga,it was the day you left the Whitehouse, now get lost you idiot used car salesman!!!!!!!!

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