Confederate Everything Is Out But Mao, Nazis, Che Can Stay


The fight to rid the confederate flag from the capitol grounds in South Carolina isn’t about the flag, it’s about erasing history. It is being driven by activists who want to erase our history and all southern identity.

Not everyone who brandishes a confederate flag is a racist. The flag is a battle flag to honor the dead who served.

Erasing our history is no different from burning books and it needs to stop because it won’t stop there.

Harry Reid is already talking about removing the statues of confederates from the Capitol in D.C. What’s next? The monuments, museums? Who will be banished from Oceania after the confederates?

Maybe Father’s Day should be banned next? It’s a joke now but…

Day of discrimination

Amazon, Walmart, Amazon and Sears are banning confederate anything.

At the same time, if you want to buy your Che Guevara shirt from Sears or your Nazi memorabilia, anti-Capitalism shirts, 11×17 Marx poster and your Mao shirts from Amazon and eBay, you can. That seems hypocritical.

Che from Sears ebay Karl Marx poster Mao from Sears Mao Nazi memorabilia on Amazon


nazi hat


CNN doesn’t understand that the man in the next video has the right to own this store and sell what he wants without being assaulted by the media who help drive this angst. The media is trying to start trouble and keep it going. As the store owner said, “Are we on your agenda today?”

It won’t stop at the confederacy. It will be everything American or anything some people don’t like.

Madison, Wisconsin officials just passed a law that institutes a public school ban on all logos, shirts, hats, everything that has an Indian on it. If you root for the Blackhawks or the Redskins and show support with a flag or a hat you could be suspended or expelled.

They are using force to stop expression!

All of those symbols are meant to express positive feelings about Indians and sports teams but that is being ignored.

Governor Walker had signed a law two years ago that made it more difficult to pass laws like this. It used to only require one complaint.

In the University of California system, professors are no longer allowed to say “America is the land of opportunity” and any microaggression is banned. Now that the word “microaggression” has been invented, almost anything can fit into it. For example, you can’t say to an Asian that they are good at math and don’t dare say you’re color blind.

PissChrist and Elephant dung Mary are not only allowed, they’re lauded and put in museums and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 confederate flag pins are okay, but it’s not okay to call a thug a thug unless he is white and you definitely can’t say America is a melting pot.

It was okay for Clinton and Gore to laud the southern battle flag when they were wooing the southern vote.

Clinton and Gore Clinton-Gore

And it was okay for Barack Obama.


The entire state of California has banned the word “Redskins” and some demand that Columbus Day be replaced by Resistance Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The Founding Fathers are being demonized and will soon be replaced. Expect the American flag to come under attack at some point. It’s already offending people at UC Davis and any number of people have been forced to remove the flag in condo complexes so they don’t upset anyone who doesn’t like it.

If we ban words, flags, logos, it’s no different than burning books.



  1. The Left are the communists and they want to destroy America. They have their useful tools out there getting the job done for them. I am afraid for the future of our children and grandchildren.

  2. Under the influence of evil, egotistical policy makers and their malcontent, insecure constituents fall for these notions and play right into the hands of Satan.

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