Confront & Destroy Trump Supporters, rip the heart out, banish the darkness


Joe Biden, former U.S. vice-president and Democratic presidential candidate, compared President Donald Trump on Friday to the late George Wallace, a white supremacist DEMOCRAT. He didn’t mention he’s a Democrat.

Biden, on a campaign swing in California, told a gathering that Trump is “more George Wallace than George Washington.”

He used Trump’s non-racist ‘go back’ comments last Sunday as the basis for his assault. He is falsely claiming they were racist comments. No one minds the anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism coming from the squad they were aimed at — Omar, AOC, Tlaib, and Pressley.

If you follow Trump, you are a racist too. It isn’t only President Trump any longer. They plan to viciously attack his supporters. They want to drive a wedge in his support. It’s the next stage.


James Comey, the disgraced and former FBI director, wants Donald Trump and “his mob” sent “back to their dark corner.”

But, it is the media we must watch very closely. They are drumming up the hate and driving the leftward revolution.

The news media is the radical left and they are leading the Democratic Party. They want socialism/communism and they plan to get us there.


The media has not been able to destroy Trump so they want his supporters destroyed.

Trump supporters have shamed themselves too much, according to Chris Hayes. All they want to do when Trump exposes his alleged racism is chant, according to him. He called Trump “a capo with many bosses below…who do as they wish.”

“But the base, what does the base get? The folks in that arena. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? They get to chant. They get to revel in their own Americanness and primacy at the expense of others.”

According to Hayes, the conservative movement has been hiding some maniacal plan. “They realize that no one actually cared about deficits or small government. That was never the fuel that fired the engine of Republican politics. It was always roiling rage against them that was on full display in the ‘Send her back’ chants last night.” For a movement that prides itself on being thinkers and valuing common sense over being guided by feelings, Hayes sentiments seem unlikely.

Hayes claims the millions of peaceful Americans who back the President are dangerous and must be destroyed. “It must be peacefully, nonviolently, politically destroyed with love, compassion and determination, but utterly confronted and destroyed. That is the only way to break the coalition apart.”

“Not by prying off this or that interest. They are in too deep,” Hayes declared. “They have shamed themselves too much. The heart of the thing must be ripped out. The darkness must be banished. The people who feel moral revulsion at that display we saw last night must collectively mobilize in greater numbers than the chanters.”

Antifa has already begun.


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