Congolese Migrant Scales Statue of Liberty, Threatens to Push Cops off


A 44-year old leftist named Theresa Okoumou, who immigrated [LEGAL?] to the U.S., scaled the Statue of Liberty as part of an Abolish ICE ‘Rise and Resist’ movement. The Congolese woman threatened to push the rescuers off as they climbed to reach her and rescue her.

Over 4500 visitors were evacuated and couldn’t visit the monument. For some, it was probably their one opportunity.

The woman was up there for four hours, sometimes pacing back and forth.

She claimed she was secure but her rope was tied to a vent. It would have gone with her if she fell.

This woman assaulted an officer last year

She was arrested in August 2017 on charges of trespassing, obstruction of government administration and misdemeanor assault during a demonstration against the New York Department of Labor, the Daily News reported.

In 2009, Okoumou won $1,500 in a racial discrimination lawsuit against County Recovery, a towing company in Staten Island. Two years earlier, she lost a human rights complaint against a Staten Island group home, the newspaper reported.

In 2003, she filed a wrongful-termination lawsuit against Safe Horizons, a home for battered women. Okoumou charged racial discrimination in her complaint.

We have a legal system to ensure that people are treated properly and idiots like her blow it to smithereens.

She is one immigrant who should be deported. Is this the kind of immigrant we want?




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