Congratulations Bernie Sanders



by Gary Spina

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders and his phenomenal successes on the campaign trail. And congratulations to all the people who voted for him, who support him, who come out to rally for him. It is a victory for socialism and godlessness, an affirmation of man over God, for now with Bernie Sanders – and with Hillary, too, with Kasich or Jeb and the political establishment of both parties — big government would become the entity to supplicate, to please, to appease, to obey. God will no longer be needed, nor will a personal relationship with God be desirable, for God abhors socialism. God asks each individual man to be responsible for himself, for his success, for his failure, for his personal – not his collective – treatment of his brother.

Last year, just about two months after Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for president, Gallup conducted a poll that found 47 percent of Americans would consider voting for a socialist candidate. That number averages 59 percent of Democrats, 49 percent of Independents, and 26 percent of Republicans.

Citing a similar, more recent poll, Rush Limbaugh says the numbers are more indicative of younger voters, and he blames our education system for indoctrinating our youth.

There is nothing complicated about this phenomena. The allure of something for nothing, of victimization and being owed something by society is daunting. It comes down to whom or what people look to in times of hardship and insecurity – overwhelming times that try men’s souls. Does one have the individual faith and fortitude to turn to God? Ah, but God demands accountability to Him, to his laws, and to the dignity of mankind. It is easier instead to walk with the crowds, to turn collectively to the state, to rely on a big benevolent government – a government that on a whim can take away as quickly as it gives, whereas God’s promises are immutable.

And relying upon the state gets easier and easier. All one must do is to vote in politicians who promise to take care of one, or many, or all. Simple, easy, thoughtless.

State versus God, and it begins in youth. When a child grows up without God — without a Christian God – when no one is there to teach him, he tends to grow up to be a socialist, a humanist, a democrat, a big government anti-federalist. Of course, he will live to regret his preferences, for a socio-political system under man and not under a Christian God, soon enough shows itself capable of sadistic cruelty and oppression, of savagery and debasement. But by then it is all too late.

Tragedy strikes – or oppression, corruption, tyranny, war, terrorism. And the soul cried out: “How can God allow such things?” But of course, none of that is the work of God. It is all the work of man in his godless world.

So, congratulations, Bernie Sanders, and all of you who voted for him and support him. You have given your soul to the state. You have cast your lot with men who smile a lot and call themselves politicians.

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David Silberman
David Silberman
6 years ago

Gary, you nailed it! At first I was in a state of shock, your opening statement had me stopped breathing. You blamed the exact problem of the younger generation getting “Brainwashed” instead of an education, minus “multiculturism”!
Any American who took the time to read the “45 goals of the Communist conspiracy” would have never put Sanders over the top. God forbid he gets elected, he would be 1000% worse than Hillary!

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
6 years ago

What a sad commentary on America when nearly half its citizens (soon to be subjects) would vote for a socialist! Socialists want to make everything “free” and pay for it by “taxing the richest 1% of Americans and making them pay their fair share.” This is the battle cry of progressive democrat socialists. What will they do when they run out of rich people? The richest 1% already pay most of the taxes and half of Americans don’t pay any taxes at all. Godless tyranny. You hit the nail on the head!

P.S. Bernie Sanders – the self-proclaimed anti-establishment socialist candidate – is a career politician (mayor, representative, senator) who raised over $7 million in campaign contributions in just 2 days after the New Hampshire primary. Seems a little hypocritical, doesn’t it?