Congress Beat Their Already Low Bar of Decency With This Move


The $1.3 trillion Omnibus will increase debt for the foreseeable future. The military gets another $61 billion but a lot was given up for that. The bill is filled with pork from both parties. There is one particularly outrageous outcome.

Congress didn’t solve any problems with this budget and created new ones. That didn’t stop them from rewarding themselves with raises and increases to their slush funds.

The Senate increased its total salaries of officers and employees by $12.6 million in the 2,232-page bill that lawmakers didn’t read.

The legislation increases the Senate budget to $919.9 million, up $48.8 million from fiscal year 2017, according to the congressional summary of the bill.

The House of Representatives increased its budget to $1.2 billion, which is $10.9 million above 2017 levels. They didn’t give themselves raises as did the Senate but their slush fund went up.

Salaries of staffers in the Senate will also see an increase. Division I of the legislation breaks down the total salaries of officers and employees, which are being raised from $182 million in 2017 to $194.8 million in the final bill, an increase of $12.58 million.


  1. This will assure those counties around D. C. (da’ cesspool) ‘highest in income’ maintain their status quo.

    Until the whole things is destructed, this stuff will continue. It appears, once again, Mr. Jefferson nailed it with that manure thing. Regrettably, leftist-statist-progressive-socialist-liberal agendas only ‘make the news’.

    All nations eventually fail. We are in a long downward spiral.

    Get right with God and live frugally.

    • I think we are in the 7th stage of Alexander Tyler’s eight stages of Democracy. We’re heading back to bondage.

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