Congress Calls Aged CNN Gossip, Felon, & Notorious Liar to Testify


CNN commentator and felon with Trump Derangement Syndrome John Dean was called to testify against the President. Dean has appeared on MSNBC and is now under contract to CNN. Both networks present him as the former White House Counsel to Richard Nixon and the man who exposed Watergate. In fact, he was the criminal who was behind the Watergate cover-up.

John Dean, felon, liar, and obstructor of justice

Short-on-intelligence, Dean, an Independent, was the architect of the Watergate cover-up, he suborned perjury, and he arranged payments of hush money. He sat in on interviews of White House personnel by prosecutor Earl Silver, knew they were lying, and encouraged them to lie.

Dean also obstructed justice in the case of the break-in because he told everyone to lie, keeping the prosecutors from finding out who broke into the Democrat office.

The now-80-year-old talking head was sentenced to 1 to 4 years in a federal pen but ended up serving 4 months in a Fort.

After prison, he couldn’t go back to the practice of law since his license was taken away for life so he became a TV talking head.

Dean has ZERO credibility, but he can blather mindlessly.

He knows absolutely nothing about the President. He can shed no light whatsoever on the President or his affairs today. President Trump did not break into any offices or cover up or obstruct anything. In fact, it is the Democrat administration who spied and obstructed justice, perhaps criminally while covering up Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance and incompetence.

This is the height of desperation.

The clown show continues. Democrats really know how to pack a clown car.

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