Congress Is About to Reverse Obama’s Social Security Gun Grab


Obama’s gun laws are going to crumble along with his other gun fiats, starting with the horrible social security gun grab. The NRA reported the news.

WE Can See Obama’s Gun Legacy Collapsing

Congress agreed to review a final rule by the Obama administration that allowed the Social Security Administration to strip seniors of their gun rights without proper constitutional protections.

Last year, the Social Security Administration finalized a rule to prevent any senior needing a representative payee from owning firearms.

There was no due process. They could always sue afterwards – these poor seniors who need a representative payee were supposed to sue to get their rights back. A representative payee could be as simple as the person needing help with paperwork.

The review process will have clear sailing in the House and then the Senate.

There is no age limit on the Second Amendment and government agencies cannot be empowered to take away a person’s natural rights.

Next they have to reverse the Veteran’s Administration gun grab.

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Gary Jones
Gary Jones
7 years ago

Congress needs to reverse 8 years of obama