Congressional Democrats Are Socialists, No Moderates Can Be Found


Single-payer healthcare will bankrupt the United States. Not only have Vermont, California, and Oregon found that out, but Socialist Bernie Sanders said it himself in 1987. Single-payer is a hard-left value and the end result has to be the government elite will be in full control of the health of all Americans. Once the government has control of your very health, there’s nothing else they need to control.

There are no longer any moderates in the Democrat Party. Take the famed ‘moderate’ Senator Manchin.

So-called ‘moderate’ Joe Manchin thinks Single Payer should be explored.

“It should be explored,” said West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who faces re-election next year in a state President Donald Trump carried by 42 points. “I want to know what happens in all the countries that have it — how well it works or the challenges they have.”

Manchin later issued a statement saying he’s “skeptical that single-payer is the right solution” and that the Senate should “carefully consider all of the options.”

‘Skeptical’ is a nod to the fact that West Virginians have been voting Republican lately. Manchin is no moderate, but he is a phony.

When Obama came forward with the endless gun restrictions, Manchin was on board. He has always been there for the left, no matter how far left they go.

There are no moderates among congressional Democrats, only people who pretend they are.

If this new Graham-Cassidy bill doesn’t pass, warts and all, count on the United States moving towards single-payer.

Democrats have decided to throw in with Socialists after Bernie Sanders stellar showing during the last campaign. There is no sign they will move to the center and we are all the poorer for it.

It isn’t only universal healthcare they are far-left on, it’s every issue.

Single-payer is evil. Listen to the words of Ronald Reagan, the all-American leader the left now demonizes.

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