Congressional Dems Probably LIED About the Dossier Timeline


It appears that someone is lying about the dossier timeline, and it is likely that it is the Democrats in charge of the House and the most prominent investigations. Democrats might have lied on an official House Intelligence report about what was known of the dossier and when it was known.

In addition, two of the people who knew the dossier was a Hillary concoction are now on the Mueller investigative team, namely Zainab Ahmad and Andrew Weissman.

There was a July 2016 meeting between key players.

New details have come to light in congressional transcripts and emails about a July 2016 meeting involving the author (British ex-spy Christopher Steele) of the anti-Trump “dossier,” Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, and his wife, Nellie. These details conflict with claims from Democrats and the co-founder of the firm (Glenn Simpson). Simpson is behind the dossier, paid for by Hillary. Simpson and Democrats appear to have lied about significant contacts did not occur until after the election.

Bruce and Nellie Ohr


According to the records, a little-known breakfast meeting was held on July 30, 2016, at Washington, D.C.’s Mayflower Hotel with the Ohrs and Steele.

Congressional transcripts, confirmed by Fox News, showed Nellie Ohr told House investigators last year that Christopher Steele, the British ex-spy who compiled the dossier, wanted to get word to the FBI at the time.

“My understanding was that Chris Steele was hoping that Bruce (Ohr) could put in a word with the FBI to follow-up in some way,” Nellie Ohr testified. That was in response to a Republican line of questioning, regarding the purpose of the meeting.

Bruce Ohr did that. He almost immediately contacted then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

The conflict:

According to Democrats, Justice Department official, Bruce Ohr passed Christopher Steele’s bogus, unverified dossier on Trump to the FBI sometime AFTER the 2016 presidential election.

But according to testimony by Ohr and his wife, Nelly, that’s been reviewed by Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge, it seems the dossier was handed to the bureau MONTHS EARLIER.


In a report published Monday evening, Herridge noted that according to congressional transcripts and email records, Steele met with Ohr and his wife on July 30, months before the election.

By early August, Ohr told FBI agents and DOJ high-ranking officials, two of whom are on Mueller’s team.

The reason we say the Dems are the liars is Ohr himself admitted to House investigators that his “first move” following the meeting had been to reach out to senior FBI officials. That included then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew Page, then-FBI attorney Lisa Page, and then-FBI special agent Peter Strzok.

Ohr hates Trump and as desperate as he was to see Trump lose, he wanted everyone to know what was going on. He gave his FBI cohorts thumb drives and he met with them in early August. He told them Hillary Clinton was behind the dossier and that was before the FISA spy warrant was secured.

Herridge noted that in a defensive statement released after House investigators concluded their investigation into the dossier last February, congressional Democrats either purposefully or accidentally lied. If they did so purposefully, that means they lied. If they did so by accident, it is still a critically important misrepresentation of facts.

Look at who was told and who is on the Special Counsel’s team (Spoiler: Ohr told Ahmad and Weissman now on the Mueller investigative team):

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