Congressman Blames De Blasio for Attacks on Jewish People


Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., blames [communist] New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for a string of vicious anti-Semitic attacks, including one on Friday, Fox News reported Saturday.

“There’s a massive leadership failure in New York City and Bill de Blasio’s answer has been to have another press conference, and if it happens again, have another press conference,” Zeldin said Saturday, before praising the decision to ramp up police presence.

“It needs to happen more, and there needs to be some level of burden-sharing here. You need to see — on all levels of government — elected officials and community leaders going all in to confront this and crush it,” Zeldin added, while appearing on “Fox & Friends.”

In addition to heightened visibility, there will be increased visits to houses of worship and other critical areas in the community, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

The Mayor is a blow heart, a typical gasbag politician with ideology and nothing much else going for him.

De Blasio announced Friday that the NYPD would beef up its police presence in response to the attacks. “Hate doesn’t have a home in our city,” he tweeted.

[Hate absolutely has a home in his city]

“In light of recent anti-Semitic attacks, the NYPD will increase their presence in Boro Park, Crown Heights, and Williamsburg. Anyone who terrorizes our Jewish community WILL face justice,” he added.


Look at the attitude of this Crown Heights resident:

No one is sending the message that this message is intolerable. The Orthodox Jews have always been in Crown Heights.

Shul attacker, Grafton E. Thomas, 37, of Greenwood Lake, N.Y., caught in Harlem.

Saturday night, after this interview, a black Harlem man drove to Monsey and raided a Rabbi’s shul, injuring five people with a machete. One man is critically injured.

In another incident, a man threatened to shoot people after approaching a member of Brooklyn’s Hasidic community.

Here’s another one:

And another:


As if that isn’t enough, De Blasio — and Cuomo — are letting most of these violent criminals out without bail and within 24 hours of their arrest.

So, yes, it is definitely De Blasio’s and Cuomo’s fault, at least in part. The message they send is criminals will get every advantage. When they let these criminals go free for allegedly smaller crimes — like terrorizing Jewish people — then they move on to murder.

Andrew Cuomo showed up in Monsey with his usual nonsensical dribble and a determination to call it an act of domestic terrorism, the NY Times reported.

What? You’re not going to let the monster out without bail?

What the New York Times won’t tell you is the sheriff told Cuomo his ‘bail reform’ is part of the problem.

Did you know that de Blasio gives those freed without bail ‘gift cards’ to lure them back to court since they are out without bail? The users have taken the gift cards to buy liquor and to gamble. Did you know that?

How much longer before New Yorkers get smart? Never?

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