Congressman: Congress Can Vote Anything Unbound by the Constitution?


Constitutional lawyer KrisAnn Hall argued with Rep. Walberg after he said Congress can vote for anything.

“Congressman Admits to Ignoring the Constitution and Blames it on You and Me”

On August 1st, constitutional lawyer KrisAnn Hall taught a class on the Constitutional remedy for controlling the federal government in Hillsdale, MI. In the audience was Congressman Tim Walberg, who represents Michigan’s 7th Congressional District.

Mr. Walberg disagreed with the way the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, describes the duty and obligation of Congress over the budget.

He said the truth of the Constitution is not reality and Congress can vote anything into law unlimited by the Constitution.

This self-proclaimed unfettered power exercised by those bound by the Constitution is driving America into unrecoverable debt and destroying the fundamental principles that created our Constitutional Republic. The people are sick of it.

Mr. Walberg is evidence that the real problem in America rests with the persistent and unconstitutional acts of Congress. They no longer act as servants of the people, but consider themselves unlimited masters over all.

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  1. These weasels get away with it because the people no longer understand what the Founders intended. Most are happy with being on the government dole. Meanwhile, the political parties divide up the riches among themselves at our expense.

    Until there is a penalty, tar and feather, jail, embarrassment, shaming, they will continue to lie and steal. There no longer is a belief in the Constitution as a limiting factor regarding what politicians can do to us.

    “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” – Daniel Webster (1782-1852).

    “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” – James Madison (1829).

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton.

    “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln.

    • Excellent!!!
      We need only to seek the wisdom of our Founders for they were an extraordinary group of people who came together in a perfect storm of circumstances and gave us a Constitutional Republic which swiftly became the envy of the world. Not only is the gift of their wisdom STILL pertinent, but is MORE pertinent today than ever.

      How about this … members of Congress take an oath of office, “to protect and defend the Constitution.” Representatives such as Walberg who quite obviously, is in violation of that oath, SHOULD BE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM OFFICE. Any representative who seeks to pervert, defy or violate his oath of office, give him or her the BOOT.

      How about that….

  2. KrisAnn Hall is an amazing woman. Having attended many of her classes, more than a Constitutional expert, she is a patriot warrior, teaches the Gospel of the Constitution in a way that keeps you hanging on her every word.

    Every new member of congress should be required to attend a KrisAnn Hall class because what they THINK they know vs what they actually know about our Constitutional Republic, are worlds apart.

    Yes, one of the many reasons the American people have moved beyond frustrated and entered into a state of pure fury is the absolute disconnect of our politicians. No longer, “public servants,” they view the American people as their “subjects,” we who exist to serve them.

    When we have arrived at that place where by many of us believe there is a dire need to actually create a new amendment which requires members of congress, their families and staff be subject to the laws they write … when these mini-monarchs exempt themselves from the laws they create, we have gone WAY off course.

    This is clear, the farther we stray from our Constitution and the Federalist Papers, the more we depart from the grand design of our Founders, the deeper in jeopardy of self-destruction. And make no mistake, the Left, the Progressives, the DNC is hell bent on just that, our destruction.

    Our Founders never meant for there to be professional politicians. In my view, we currently have a choice between two major parties, one dominated by Socialists and Communists who clearly have a master plan: to transform America into a single party nation, a Marxist regime by any other name. The other the party is dominated by political eunuchs who perpetually run scared of losing their own, albeit shrinking, piece of the power pie. Those who have long ago abandoned their role as the opposition of oppressive government control.

    If ever there were a time for our nation’s leader to come from the private sector, this certainly is it. And perhaps, just perhaps, there has been an unexpected perc of an overwhelming, unprecedented corrupted, omnipotent Obama regime. It has served to give a glimpse of what America can, and will, look like should we neglect to take a radical change of course … of what America, and the World will become when freedom and liberty is lost to us.

  3. Americans have become lazy in their luxury and complacent and compliant. We don’t understand the basis for our liberties and do not bother to learn.
    It is said that we get the politicians we deserve. They are largely a self serving, lawless bunch who watch over each others fortunes and security and the citizens be damned.
    Thomas Jefferson warned us,
    “We have the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen, as long as we remain honest — which will be as long as we can keep the attention of our people alive. If they once become inattentive to public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors would all become wolves.”

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