Congressman Gets Call Saying “Glad It Happened…Trump Needs to Be Next”


Rep. Ron DeSantis who was on the baseball field today when a lunatic tried to massacre a couple dozen Republicans. The hate and terror that has become part and parcel of our political discourse continued in a phone call to the representative.

“Rep. Ron DeSantis: Lou this is disturbing. I got a call today at my office, someone who said, “Glad it happened. Trump needs to be next.” Other members of Congress are getting similar calls.

Why aren’t these people tracked down and dragged in for questioning?

What is happening to this country?

Look at some of the comments from the twitter sewer and the leftists who care so much about others.

They been trying to tie Scalise to the KKK for years.


  1. Unfortunately it is time for us to teach these Pieces of shit on the left a real lesson.
    Semper Fi Brothers

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