Congressman Tim Bishop, Criminal or Liar


Tim Bishop said his opponent, Randy Altschuler, accused him of engaging in criminal behavior. I searched far-and-wide, through blogs and mainstream media, but nowhere did I find Altschuler accusing Bishop of criminal behavior. The mainstream speculated about potential law breaking but it wasn’t Altschuler speculating.

There are calls for a probe concerning Bishop’s possible ethics violation, but that is Bishop’s own fault.

Bishop’s staff asked for donations in what seemed to be a quid pro quo exchange for help Bishop provided. The law prohibits solicitation of campaign contributions if tied to corresponding congressional help.

At least one mainstream organization, which leans left, speculated that Bishop might have broken the law. Read here and here.

Instead of putting out these diversionary attack ads, it would be better for Bishop to explain why he arranged for a constituent’s fireworks show at the same time this constituent was solicited for a large donation by Bishop’s own daughter, who is a fundraiser.

The timing is not in question – the donation was requested by Bishop’s daughter in between the constituent asking for a permit and receiving it.

In Bishop’s ad below, he calls Altschuler “despicable” for calling him a “criminal” even though Altschuler did not from what I can tell. Bishop lying about that would make him somewhat “despicable.”

What Alstchuler actually said was that Bishop was “running a dishonest campaign” to “cover up a scandal — a big one.” The scandal, concerning the recent quid pro quo incident, was reported by Politico, Newsday, this site, and many other sites before Altschuler made that statement.

I don’t think we do know Tim Bishop. He presents himself as a centrist when he is very far left. He presents himself as a supporter of the middle class but he hangs out with the rich and famous.

The Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees just threw their support for Alstchuler. “Randy Altschuler portrays the signs of a true leader—someone who is prepared to step up and fight, even when the odds are against him,” Daniel P. Farrell, the president of the union, said in a prepared statement.

People are starting to see the cronyism and lack of leadership exhibited by Rep. Bishop is growing stale. It’s time for a change and some hope.

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