Congressman Tim Bishop’s Position on Healthcare, a Must-See


Update at the end.

h/t to the inimitable Mary Cal

Congressman Tim Bishop’s opponent in the congressional race, Senator Lee Zeldin, pointed out during last week’s debate that he might want to update his website. Tim Bishop’s website was still claiming that you can keep your doctor and your plan under Obamacare.

A screenshot of Congressman Bishop’s healthcare page this week follows. He doesn’t appear to have a position.

tim bishop's healthcare page

Immediately below is Tim Bishop’s healthcare page from last week.

This was his position last week:


The exchange during the debate, listen to the end:

Listen to his recent past statements:

Mr. Bishop should have known about this slip-up since Breitbart published an article about it in February which you can read here.

If you want to see his original statement for yourself, the Wayback Machine did file it in 2013 and that can be found here.

If you go to Congressman Bishop’s healthcare page today, you will find it has been updated. Here it is:

Bishop update



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