Congressman Zeldin Calls Out Liar Adam Schiff About The Memo, Talks of Missing Messages


Rep. Lee Zeldin

The text messages during the time period Jim Comey was fired and when the President said he was being fired, and so much more, are all “lost”? How fortunate for someone(s)?

Sean Hannity discussed the missing Strazok-Page tapes with Rep. Lee Zeldin as well as the obvious, unabashed lies by partisan hack Adam Schiff. They must be rebutted.

Adam Schiff said that the Republicans aren’t asking for the attachments to be released, they only want the 4-page memo written by Devin Nunes released, a memo he says are talking points. That’s such a MASSIVE lie.

Look at Rep. Zeldin’s tweet. This tweet was posted before Adam Schiff said the GOP doesn’t want the underlying intelligence released.

Rep. Lee Zeldin said, “Absolutely, these messages can be retrieved.”

Zeldin is a calm, low-key representative. I know because he’s my congressman and when he tweets like this, you should pay attention.

Does anyone really believe Samsung screwed up the retrieval and retention process of nearly six months of messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at a key period of time when the left was trying to take down the President???

In the schools, working on legal cases, I can tell you that the security and conservation of the lawyer’s emails was frustratingly secure and that was only in a school.


It is literally unbelievable that these messages were lost.

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