Congressman Zeldin Point to WH’s Inexplicable Omission of Jews as ISIS Targets


Despite rampant anti-Semitism and despite the fact that radical Islam specifically targets Jews and Israel, President Barack Obama’s proposed authorization of force against ISIS has omitted Jews!

The resolution specifically singles out several ethnic groups threatened by ISIS: Iraqi Christians, Yezidis and Turkmens, but says nothing about Jews.

Rep Zeldin

One Congressman noticed – Lee Zeldin of Long Island.


There is no way this was an accident. It had to be deliberate. The carefully worded resolution which – inexplicably – limits the use of force, specifically mentioned groups under attack but didn’t think Israel was a concern?

Armedy Coulibaly, the radical who slaughtered innocents in the Kosher deli in Paris said he went into the Kosher deli because he was targeting Jews. He also said he represented ISIS.

Ask yourself why Mr. Obama would leave Jews out? Someone needs to get an answer from the White House.

Armedy Coulibaly swearing allegiance to ISIS: