Congress’s Dramatic Betrayal, I Promise You Will Be Shocked



In June of 2015, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced  that incoming U.S. citizens no longer had to pledge to “bear arms on behalf of the United States” or “perform noncombatant service” in the Armed Forces as part of the naturalization process.

They can omit those words for purposes of religion or conscientious objection.

So now we want people who will not protect the US in any form or help in the Armed Forces?

USCIS said people with certain religious training or with a “deeply held moral or ethical code” may not have to say the phrases as they are naturalized.

They don’t even have to belong to a specific church or religion

Meanwhile a Little Sisters of the Poor have to give out abortion pills and doctors have to abort babies despite their beliefs.

This administration doesn’t believe in defending this country. They hate this country.

Where was Congress, that same Congress that can’t stop attacking Donald Trump, one of their own?

They did not filibuster, they did not attempt to change anything since pencil pushers can change the oath at will, there was no congressional debate, and no sit-in in the House to demand that a bill to repeal the USCIS action be brought to a vote, Breitbart reported.

Obama’s other illicit law on DAPA also did not go through but not because Congress did anything – they didn’t sue – 26 states had to sue. Why didn’t they sue?

Wy won’t Congress at least protect the Oath of Allegiance. It’s meaningless if they can have allegiance to another country?

The immigration laws don’t need fixing, they need following and we continue to allow an open borders Tinpot Dictator in the White House ignore the laws he swore to uphold.



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