Conservative Amnesty Bill Goes Down, Liberal Ryan Amnesty Friday


The Conservative Goodlatte bill, the better of two Republican amnesty bills, went down by 38 votes today. They could only afford to lose 21 Republican votes. No Democrats voted for the bill nor will they vote for any DACA bill. Under the corrupt leadership of Chuck Schumer, they have decided to be obstructionists no matter what the issue.

The Ryan bill, called the leadership bill, will be voted on tomorrow. It’s a lot worse than the Goodlatte bill. The Goodlatte bill was a better bill.

The chairman of the Conservative House Freedom Caucus Rep. Mark Meadows angrily confronted House Speaker Paul Ryan over the immigration legislation on the floor of the House of Representatives today.

He approached Ryan during a vote and began a vigorous discussion that lasted roughly half a minute. Both men pointed fingers at each other and reporters in the gallery could hear Meadows say, “I’m done! I’m done!” Meadows then turned and walked away while Ryan resumed chatting with other members.

The dispute was allegedly over which of the two amnesty bills would be voted on Wednesday or Thursday. Since the donnybrook, the two have patched things up according to Rep. Meadows.

The Ryan bill will be voted on Friday.

Watch the finger-pointing and yelling:


Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ), a House Freedom Caucus member and a great American, gave Lou Dobbs his perspective on the two amnesty bills this week. He says, “There’s DACA amnesty in each one…”

Biggs explained that a lot of people are okay with amnesty.

Both bills give amnesty before the wall is built and it cannot be rescinded.

Biggs added, “… And don’t forget, every DACA person that I know, and I’ve talked to many of them. They all want their parents in, so next year you’ll be talking about the 2008 – 18 DACA population, then you’re going to be talking about the parents of both populations.” He estimates the real number to be between six and eight million people given residency or more over the next few years.

He wasn’t sure if a lot of conservatives are also supporting amnesty.

“I don’t know if there’s a lot of conservatives that have gone over quite that far yet. I think most of us recognize that the number one goal here was to build the wall. I mean, you don’t have the asylum issue today if you have the wall built. You don’t have the drug crisis with opioids if you have a wall built.”

“You’re stopping or reducing human smuggling. People are forced to go to ports of entry. That’s what the wall’s for and that’s what we need and to me, that’s the first promise that we should be keeping, is build the wall and then we can talk about anything else from there.”


He also explained that after DACA candidates are approved, the millions more — a far greater number — will push for amnesty as well.

The bills are not being presented as amnesty but they both are.

“So, in other words, it starts with a lie,” said Dobbs referencing the fact that the bills are amnesty, “and then compounds a lie and is the typical Ryan nonsense because no one saw these bills until these bills were presented to them in the conference, correct?”

Biggs points out that the Goodlatte bill was known but it’s been warped by the globalists.

Dobbs said Ryan has been bought by his donors and Biggs agreed it was the case.

Dobbs asked for a verification of his projected loss of fifty GOP seats if an amnesty goes through. Biggs says he’s not sure if the number will be that high, but his constituents were telling him earlier in the day to do something about the asylum mess, but no amnesty.


  1. If this leftist bill is called the leadership bill, then it is associated with Scalise & McCarthy. I’ve seen no interviews with them being asked to explain their positions. How convenient for them.

  2. The media has rerun the clip of those who were housed in the chain-linked fenced area and practically all of them looked like “young adults” and not young children.

    There was one report that the person spent Seven Thousand dollars to get to the US. $7000??!!. How many American citizens can come up with that much money. If these countries are SO poor how did they come up with that much money. And that’s a small figure. There have been reports people handing over 10 to 20 thousand.

    My opinion on this issue became more hardlined after the DACA people protested and made “Demands”, all the while carry “Mexican flags”. They can all be deported as far as I’m concerned.

    We’re at a point that Democrats want to allow “anyone” who lives in a country where there is violence to be allowed into this country. How many countries are there where violence is rampant. We would probably have to allow five hundred million in that case. Considering where the world is today I think it’s about time to revisit the International Treaty on Refugees.

    • It’s their strategy for change – obstruct and resist. The goal for many is anarchy. Fools like Pelosi, Shummer, Hoyer, and other well meaning liberals go along, not fathoming that the civil unrest could lead to outright rebellion. Sad fools, for as tyranny overwhelms a free republic the gangsters slit the throats of these well meaning ideologs. Such was the case with Lenin, Hitler, Castro Hussein and so many other power hungry tyrants promising a better new government, if we trust them.

  3. How dare republicans allow Ryan to continue with his scheme. He hopes his leftist bill lures democrat votes. He bypassed committees to write his secret bill. The US House is not there to serve Ryan. There is no time to review it. By getting this far, Ryan has already done much damage for November. Ryan blocked the reasonable bill from Goodlattte-Trump for 6 months, will not allow a vote, yet he gets a blank check to introduce whatever bills he wants.

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