Conservative Firebrand James Woods Beats Up the Social Media Tyrants


Actor James Woods is doing something a lot of us can’t do. He is letting the world know that social media tyrants are censoring those with whom they disagree. He has been exposing them on Twitter.

President Trump is looking into the censorship of right-wing voices after evidence has piled up against Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google. He called the practice “discriminatory and illegal”.

Almost everyone involved in the fact-checking is left-wing. George Soros is funding a lot of it, so let’s get real.


Thanks to actor James Woods, information about the censoring is being spread far and wide.

If people don’t like what someone has to say, they can ignore it. It’s not the elitist’s job to tell us what we are allowed to see.

Yes, these companies are private and can do what they want and, yes, we don’t want the government to regulate them. However, if they are impacting the news, elections, and the truth — presenting only one side — they need to change how they operate.

The Facebook fact-checkers admit they stifle those with whom they disagree, and James Woods is pummeling them with the truth.

These people are fascists.

Facebook is losing a great deal of money. Is it any surprise?


Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is the latest Republican Conservative to express his concerns after he was “shadow-banned”.

Twitter’s recent algorithm change suppressed, or “shadow-banned,” a number of prominent conservatives, including Rep. Gaetz, a new report from VICE News found. Gaetz is considering filing a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against Twitter, he told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The representative said his Twitter account’s growth slowed immediately after Twitter’s recent algorithm change. The company acknowledged the “inaccurate” search results but said it was unrelated to politics.

It literally never happens to the left.

The social media giants have been banning the right for years and it’s getting worse. Investigative reporter James O’Keefe exposed Twitter in one investigation — they exposed themselves actually.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton thinks he was shadow-banned. It was immediately after the President retweeted him several times. He tweeted today, “So I was tweeted out 5 times by @realDonaldTrump this week and I had been shadow banned by Twitter. Coincidence?”

He added: “I also had been shadowbanned, which seems to been lifted after I complained last night.


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