Conservative Reporter Arrested for Taping What LA Times Was Allowed to Tape


Gary Gileno of Grindall61 reports that he was handcuffed, arrested, and given a $280 fine as well as a notice to appear for attempting to video tape in a federal building in Pasadena in Commiefornia. He’s been to the building before and videotaped in there a year ago.

Mr. Gileno was attending the monthly LA County Sheriff’s oversight civilian committee meeting at the time he was arrested for filming.

He explained that the California “Brown Act” allows him to photograph and to comment. That didn’t mean a thing.

“So this is what goes on in America,” says Gileno on the video below. “You’ve got illegal aliens running amok in California. I just found out In my city of West Covina, if you’re homeless, you’re allowed to shoplift, because the police say that the crime is too small.”

He continues, “But if you come into this building with the weapon of a camera, just a camera, they will slap cuffs on you, detain you for an hour, and I am being charged with failure to comply with the lawful direction of authorized individuals, a court security officer.

The video shows what happened.

As he’s being cuffed the incident was being recorded by a camera held by an LA Times reporter in full view of the officer, who did nothing to prevent it. It didn’t appear in the LA Times either insofar as we know.

Gary of Grindall61 describes the YouTube channel as a network of like minded individuals who live in a science experiment called California. This channel is dedicated to fighting and exposing agenda 21, free speech, the Constitution and so on.  They also have a Facebook page.

When you have Democrats in charge with no opposing forces, you end up with totalitarianism and a loss of constitutional rights. While illegal aliens run amok in California, citizen reporters are handcuffed and hauled off for videotaping a public meeting.

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