Conservative Senators Detail Healthcare Amendment to Pass the Bill


Getting the very diverse Republicans to agree on a healthcare bill might be a pipe dream. They will never get Democrats to agree because Democrats want Medicaid for all. With that as background, the conservative senators want to negotiate.

Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee issued a joint statement announcing their opposition to McConnell’s healthcare bill. The reason they gave is the bill does not “repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs.” Here is the full statement:

“Currently, for a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill, but we are open to negotiation and obtaining more information before it is brought to the floor. There are provisions in this draft that represent an improvement to our current health care system, but it does not appear this draft as a written will accomplish the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs.”

Rand Paul says Trump is on the same page he is on.

Cruz wants to negotiate and feels they can get to a “yes”.

Later in the day, Senator Cruz spelled out the details of an amendment that would be needed.


  1. You gumbas better “get’er done” or else you ain’t gonna be around much longer. Are you really my leader, Lieutenant??!! Yer kidding, you must be in administration, right? Yer Kidding!!

    • This is Ryan’s & McConnell’s fault, to propose Obamacare part 2. It’s another bait & switch from the RINOs. They are not principled, just as in 2014 when within 1 month of their major victory they passed a huge spending and huge deficit Obama bill. They broke multiple promises.

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