Conspiracy Afoot to Pull Liquor License of a Trump Hotel for an Unheard of Reason


Seven residents of a Trump hotel are going after the hotel’s liquor license to hurt Trump. They are backed by a never Trumper who is in league with leftist Democrats. The liquor board is in the control of a Democrat Mayor who hates the President.

If these monstrous Stalinists can launch these baseless attacks on a President, imagine what they can and will do to the rest of us if we get in their way. They already do it to some degree by censoring the right and anyone who disagrees with the narrative.

Mayor Muriel Bowser in her pussy hat.

A group of residents of the Trump International Hotel complained that the owner, Donald Trump fails the good character test. They say he shouldn’t be allowed to serve liquor in his hotel, according to Politico.

Their claims include calling him a liar, a fraudster, a criminal, and a racist who associates with other criminals.


The hotel is close to the White House and has become a hangout for Trump supporters and officials as well as foreign governments. The hotel is used for many different types of events. Not having the ability to serve liquor would greatly harm their business.

Trump haters want to destroy Trump at all costs in whatever illicit way they can. They don’t care if they also destroy the jobs of the people working for him.

Trump himself doesn’t drink alcohol.

The liquor license board is controlled by the hard-left Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser. However, it would be unprecedented for the liquor board to go after someone for their analysis of his character.

The seven complainants against Trump include a federal judge, a former chair of the White House Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships, and several religious leaders. Their effort is being funded by Jerry Hirsch, an Arizona Republican, and chairman of the nonprofit Make Integrity Great Again (a left-wing organization).

RINO and never Trumper Jerry Hirsch aligns with very left-wing donors to oppose Trump.

The Board will consider the question of pulling the liquor license Wednesday.

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