Contempt of Congress: Why Take it Seriously When Congress Does Not?


By Greg Holt

Former FBI employee Lisa Page is once again in the news for ignoring a subpoena issued by Congress. There is talk by various officials in Washington about holding Page in Contempt of Congress. I hate to say it, but why bother?

Paul Ryan made noise about a contempt charge against Lisa Page along with various others. The problem here is this: Congress has held others in contempt, and then nothing was done about it. It’s like Congress does not take this seriously, and then expects that others will? Former Attorney General Eric Holder was found to be in Contempt of Congress, so was Lois Lerner – what happened after they were found in contempt? A big fat NOTHING.

It’s no wonder that a Contempt of Congress threat does not hold water these days, because everyone knows the weak-in-the-knees Congress will do nothing of a substantial nature about it. People know that if they are found in Contempt of Congress – Congress so finds, and then seems to have the attitude of; our work is done here.

Lisa Page has apparently agreed to testify before Congress on Friday, but this matter of Contempt of Congress not being taken seriously is a serious matter. Congress in so many ways is nothing more then a paper tiger no one takes seriously, all bark and no bite.

Congress has oversight of the FBI and the DOJ, therefore – when Congress says to whatever official, we want to these documents, the proper action is to submit those documents to the Congress. But the officials in the FBI and DOJ know the same thing I know, the Contempt of Congress charge is a joke, except that this is no laughing matter.

Contempt of Congress only goes so far legally, and making additional charges and punishment stick is a convoluted and difficult process. Maybe this is why it is seldom used, or additional punishment pursued. Punishment through Congress concerning the contempt charge is pretty limited in scope.

It’s high time that the law concerning Contempt of Congress be changed so that the tiger again has teeth. It is not right or proper that in civil Contempt of Court proceedings, the judge can sentence a person to jail, while the Congressional version is very limited in what can be done.

If the law were rewritten, then the threat of Contempt of Congress would be a powerful tool. Say for the sake of argument that someone found guilty of Contempt of Congress is immediately jailed for a minimum of six months up to a maximum of one year, to be decided by Congress. What do you think would happen then? I think the games being played by officials in the DOJ and FBI would come to a screeching halt.

It is past time that government officials are held accountable for their actions regardless of party. It is past time that when Congress or a part thereof demands to see documents or requires testimony – these things are immediately acted upon. The stonewalling, evasiveness, and outright noncompliance when Congress asks for documents or information must come to a stop. Compliance MUST be mandatory, not optional.

My friend and fellow author Lyle Rapacki just wrote an article about the Dark State. The Dark State is comprised of those people who are actively seeking the downfall of the United States so that we may be successfully rolled into the New World Order.

Many upper echelon elites are in control of U.S. government entities such as the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and other agencies. These same agencies actively sought (and still are) the downfall of the legally elected president, Donald Trump. It is therefore imperative that Congress has the legal power to back up and to punish refusals to obey subpoenas and information requests. Congress has Constitutional authority and over-site of these agencies – these agencies therefore have NO business telling Congress where they can essentially shove their requests!

The law needs to be changed and examples made.

The Clintons, Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Lois Lerner, Robert Mueller and countless other Dark State mules need to be brought to justice.

United States government entities can never again be allowed to plot the downfall of a candidate for president, or worse yet, the downfall of the legally elected president of the United states.

The rule of law MUST apply equally to all regardless of party or any other affiliation or net worth or…

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