Cop Calls Out Verbally Abusive Antifa Bullying a Man Standing by Lee’s Statue


A young man in a Confederate uniform holding a Confederate flag stood at attention by Robert E. Lee’s statue. He was silent as Antifa screamed in his face, flipping the finger at him.

The called him a terrorist and demanded he go home.

“You have a home to go to! There are people who are dead and injured and stuck in the f*cking hospital and yet you are here doing this when you could just stand up!”

The Antifa called the police, demanding he be taken away. A patrol car pulled up and and officer took him into the car.

One of the hate-filled women followed the officer, recording as she claimed the man, who had done nothing wrong, was “terrorizing” people.

The police officer blasted the woman and said, “you want another day like Saturday, don’t you? You should be ashamed of yourself”

She then put the deaths on “him”, meaning the officer.

As the young man with the Confederate flag walked away, he said, “I want to honor my ancestors. They need to know that what they fought for wasn’t slavery or oppression.”

The only oppression is coming from the left who wouldn’t let this man stand, bothering no one. He has the right.

I’m no fan of the Confederacy being brought up in the North and having ancestors who dies fighting for the North in the Civil War. However, I understand that most of these fighters thought they were fighting for their “country” and the dead soldiers should be honored. The Southern heritage is good and bad and they deserve to keep whatever they feel is good about it. The leadership in the country was largely responsible for the Civil War. There were many mistakes by the time Lincoln came into office and he came in for war.

We are the sum total of all that went before, bad and good, there’s plenty of both but the USA has always come out on the correct side, until now. Identity politics is evil and must end.


  1. One thing the reporter must see different. It was not Antifa there, maybe anti fascist people. Antifa is a terror organization. Everyone of them are violent. Antifa must be on the terror list!

  2. Since it was my grandparents who came to this country from Russia (now Ukraine) during the times of Russian pogroms I have no stake in this on either side. But one thing is for certain, there were brothers that ended up on each side, against each other. Similarly there were Jews on each side of the conflict.

    When I first saw this young man, and his size, I immediately remembered when I lived in the South for awhile, namely Shreveport in the early 80’s. This person ended up being my best friend. Upon entering his house you saw a giant Confederate flag on the wall. Neither him, nor any other co-worker had any inclination towards anti-Semitism. He did have the misconception that blacks were genetically inferior but when I referenced Marva Collins and how her students excelled he accepted it. During that time period people were more open to discussion.

    Also, I had an encounter that reflected the attitudes of that time that, unfortunately no longer apply. I was driving home from Shreveport to Minden which was about 30 miles away. There was a small bar on the side of the road called the Rockin’ Rooster so I decided to stop for a few beers. To my surprise it was an entirely black bar. Needless to say I did feel out of place when I first entered but no one showed any signs of hostility. It didn’t take long for several to approach me and we had pleasant conversations. As the evening wore on it became a very pleasant experience. Never before or since have so many been so pleasant to a stranger.

    It’s a real disgrace that Now I would not feel comfortable venturing to many areas across the state line.

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