Cop Hater responds typically to harrowing footage of an officer shooting


In 2017, a man who had just seriously injured another man with a long, heavy chain came after a San Diego police officer who answered the 911 call. The DA just released the harrowing footage.

The 48-year old chain wielder, a man named Vaughn Denham, 48, came after the officer threatening him with his chain. The officer tried to first taser him and repeatedly backed up. Officer Corey Pitts, told him several times to get down on the ground or he would shoot him.

Denham kept screaming “Trump is the devil,” and he would not follow the officer’s directions. Eventually, the officer had to shoot Denham, who died.

The shooting by was ruled justifiable — even in California.

Denham’s sister who lives in Texas claimed that the altercation between Denham and another man started because the other man was talking about child molestation. She also said that Denham was on drugs at the time of his death.

It does NOT matter that he was on drugs or the other man was talking about child molestation. His death is his own fault.

The police released the footage which can be seen below, but please be forewarned, it’s graphic.

One of the reasons we post these videos is so people can understand the terrifying situations police face routinely. But for some, it means nothing.


Look at what the man said in the tweet below after seeing the footage.

“Little known fact, getting hit with a chain isn’t deadly. Maybe next time some gun happy cop encounters a mentally ill person with a chain they’ll remember it won’t kill them and maybe they won’t have to commit murder because they might get a boo boo,” he tweeted.

It is not up to an officer to determine if a violent man who just seriously injured someone is on drugs or mentally ill. Officers are not social workers and they shouldn’t have to risk their lives and suffer injuries from a very muscular man with a chain who just hurt another. A chain is a weapon and it can kill people.

The cop is not gun happy and Twitter user Spirograph is typical of cop haters. His reasoning is also typical of the leftists who love the bad guys and don’t give a hoot about the rest of us.

Spirograph needs to put himself in the officer’s position, but he won’t. He will just keep hating.

That chain could kill someone and who is to say he wouldn’t wrap the chain around the officer’s neck and strangle him. The officer is supposed to get injured? They don’t pay him enough.

It would be nice if I could say Spirograph is the only one who expressed those sentiments, but unfortunately, there were others.

The Graphic Video:

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