Cop Killers for Cuomo-King Andrew’s Parole Board Turns Another One Loose


It was just about a month ago, after an April ruling from the New York State Parole Board,  former Black Liberation Army member and three-time cop killer Herman Bell was released from prison.  In an encore performance the same crew of 12, ten of which were appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, has just sprung Robert Hayes.  

Hayes, another BLA “enforcer”, fatally shot NYPD transit officer, Sidney Thompson.

Governor Cuomo, file photo  

“It just broke my heart,” Thompson’s widow, Joyce, 68, said of getting a letter Friday informing her that her husband’s killer was being released. “My husband was killed because he stopped somebody from jumping a turnstile,” she added. “My husband was killed for 15 cents.”

“So what does this mean, if you killed a cop and you live long enough, you’re gonna get out?” Thompson’s outraged son, Steven, 51, asked The New York Post.  “He should die in jail,” he said of Hayes, the man who shot his father in the head, neck, and chest in a daylight confrontation at the 174th Street station. 

Hayes’ assaults against the police didn’t end there. The avowed cop-hater went underground for almost four months. And when five cops caught up with him at a BLA hideout on Bronx Avenue, Hayes opened fire on them with a sawed-off shotgun. Two cops were injured in that shootout.

“Life means life,” said Steven of Hayes’ 1974 sentence. “It did for my father,” added Steven, who followed in his father’s footsteps into police work, first with the NYPD, and then, for the past 28 years, with the Prince William County Police Department in Virginia, where he is a deputy chief.

Sadly, there is every indication King Andrew’s permissive appointees will be opening the cell block doors to a couple more NYPD cop-killers, Eddie Matos and Anthony Bottom, both of whom have parole hearings soon.

If all this isn’t disturbing/bizarre enough there’s more. The governor has ordered state parole officers to give “high priority attention” to registering ex-convicts to vote.  King Andrew has commanded senior staff at the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to be certain parolees are given “voter-registration forms, related complementary documents and assistance with the registration process.”  Cop killers for Cuomo?

Sidney Thompson was heinously “killed for 15 cents.” That makes about as much sense as anything you’ve read above….which means none of it makes any sense at all.  That is, unless you’re a Democrat pol in hard left New York State, with dreams of achieving an even higher office. 

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