Copyright Alert System Allows ISP’s to Spy & Deprive People of Due Process



AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Verizon, and Comcast will now spy on you! Why? So they can punish you if you download music, movies, TV shows and almost anything else. They will punish you without proper due process if you are “suspected of downloading copyright content.”

The money-hungry people in the movie and recording industry are behind this Copyright Infringement System also known as Six Strikes. You get six alerts, 4 of which include slowing down your connection.

Their idea of due process is to warn you six times. After the first two warnings, your ISP will slow your connection or redirect your traffic until, like a good child, you read the copyright law and notify them you have done so.

Eventually they can throttle your connections and you will never get online.

The biggest problem is that innocent people will be caught up in this without adequate recourse.

You can appeal at a cost of $35 for each complaint to start.

The focus is the average consumer but they could go after everyone including bloggers.

People can still disguise their internet address and use coffee shops to avoid monitoring.

Full story at FoxNews

The following is a link to Demand Progress which is a lefty site but I agree with them so if you want to complain to your spying ISP’s, click here to tell the ISP’s to stop snooping.

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