Corporations Collude with Congress to Put Foreigners in American Jobs



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The Washington Examiner has an important story today about our corporations and their connections to DC. They might be actively working against the American people, using globalism as an excuse to put Americans out of work. Shouldn’t the unions be concerned about this instead of rallying with Communists? Where is the outrage by Congress and the President over layoffs while asking for foreign workers? In the least, we need a closer examination of what is actually going on.

Corporations claim they are not using foreign workers in jobs that were excessed but that has not always proven true.

Critics have said that the H1-B visas have been exploited by companies to fuel outsourcing, bringing in foreign employees into the U.S. to train them and then sending them back their native countries to run their offshore operations.

The Washington Post reported that many believe “companies have abused H1-B program to depress wages and displace native-born workers. “The buildings of State Farm Insurance in Bloomington are filled with Indian engineers because it continues to be the most expedient and cost-effective way for them to get work done,” Neeraj Gupta, CEO of Systems In Motion, testified in a recent Senate hearing. ‘If the H1/L1 visas did not exist, these organizations would have innovated with local partners and figured out alternate options.'”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), which would require companies to do more to hire native-born workers, raise wages for foreign-born workers, and make it more difficult to use the program to fuel outsourcing.

Drug giant Merck is cutting an additional 8,500 jobs to add to the 7,500 they recently cut because they want to remain competitive [code for they want more profits].

While they are doing this, they are petitioning Congress to loosen immigration laws so they can hire cheap foreign labor. They say they are short labor while they put Americans out of work.

They wrote to Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi with their request. They want immigrants to ‘address the reality that there is a global war for talent’ and they want ‘to align our nation’s immigration policies with its workforce needs at all skill levels to ensure US global competitiveness.’

They also want more profits. We have plenty of talent here. Our workers are competent, talented, skilled, and educated and I am sick of hearing otherwise.

Other corporations are doing the same thing Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, United Technologies, American Express, Procter & Gamble, T-Mobile, Archer-Daniels-Midland, Cigna, Texas Instruments et al, 100 in all signed the letter to Congress.

These corporations do not have your back. Unions want more members which could explain why they aren’t complaining more.

Is it all about the bottom line for corporations and is it all about votes for politicians in this high stakes game in which the American people have no role to play.