Corporations Force Feed Social Justice to Viewers at Super Bowl LIII


The hard-left — Democrats — are pushing their ideology in every aspect of our lives, and won’t let up.

The Super Bowl started out with a public service announcement about all that the NFL players are doing to advance social justice. The indoctrination continued throughout the game.

Social justice is not justice, it’s Marxist justice, it’s communism, just to be clear.

Super Bowl LIII viewers were subjected to a night of pontificating by advertisers lecturing them on everything from divisive language to “girl power” and the power of the press.


With the big game being played at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Ga., Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., Andrew Young, the former United Nations ambassador, and Rev. Bernice King, daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., were featured at the center field Sunday to help with the coin toss.

Both are very, very far-left.

Bernice King tweeted a photo of the moment with the caption, “A significant moment. My mission is #JusticeForAll. Humanity is turning the tide and our efforts must include bridge builders, strategic negotiators, and ambassadors,” she tweeted.


Rocker Adam Levine was torched because he didn’t pull out of the halftime performance to honor Colin Kaepernick’s boycott of the NFL owners for not signing him. The left is berating Levine and Maroon 5 on social media for what they say was a boring performance. They are condemning him for taking off his shirt, laughably over the fact that Janet Jackson was condemned for losing her shirt at a Super Bowl. They seem to think there is no difference.

CBS hosted the big game, promoting “girl power” with an ad about girls playing football. That girl power crap is starting to get nauseating.

Sponsor Budweiser made note of the fact that they are now brewing its signature beers with wind power. in St. Louis.

Seltzer had fully-clothed mermaids and Google touted bringing people together, not-so-subtly flashing a scene of police officers in riot gear.


The Washington Post spent possibly as much as ten million dollars on their ‘Democracy dies in darkness’ ad, extolling the virtuous field of journalism. They managed to include a clip of Osama bin Laden’s friend Jamal Khashoggi. It was a self-serving waste of time. They can build trust by being trustworthy. The WaPo could start by truthfully explaining that Khashoggi was no journalist, merely a propagandist for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Their ad should have said, ‘Socialism lives in propaganda media’.

Don’t think for a minute this is no big deal. We are being indoctrinated by Goebbels-style propaganda.

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4 years ago

So many fans lack the principles and understanding to avoid the leftist NFL.

joseph l boggs
joseph l boggs
4 years ago

I didn’t realize budweiser was so far off track.. german owned now. better go to Coors or Miller?

4 years ago

So much of the social justice is centered on being offended by particular words, as if this would deter them from success or living without adversity.

Recently I have seen many commercials for the Shriner’s child care. They have many very young children who have suffered very difficult handicaps, yet you see these children with big beautiful smiles in achieving even the smallest of things. I believe Every Single One of these social justice adherents should be required to visit these Shriner’s children and see what they are faced with and how they cope.Their minuscule complaints would be dwarfed in comparison, as they face no challenges as Those Children do each and every day.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

In every aspect of life, we are being bombarded by socialistic propaganda, from commercials, movies, education, Democrats, media, all overwhelmingly Utopian Socialism and evil.